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  1. One Man

    Great in depth article on Ike Ibeabuchi Great article with views from some people directly or indirectly involved like Jim Lampley,Larry Merchant,Lou DiBella,Eric Bottjer,etc. Goes into details about some spicy events into the sad and mad situation of Ibeabuchi.
  2. One Man

    Where is Dychko?

    The man,the myth,the legend? where is the dude? Still doing bush league boxing with the HW Factory? that’s like Pistoiese signing Gervinho to keep him on the bench.
  3. One Man

    The new Universum Box Promotion

    Anybody have any news or opinions on this? It has no big connection to the powerhouse Klaus Peter Kohl used to run before outside of name and HQ. They are trying to bring it back but german boxing is in a sorry state right now.
  4. One Man

    Any ideas for some boxing book translations?

    The issue is I have bought some boxing autobiographies of some german boxing people(Ulli Wegner,Sven Ottke,Fritz Sdunek,Graciano Rocchigiani,Christine Rocchigiani) and maybe will get some others. Any idea where or how to cheaply translate them? Or an app or any basic help?
  5. One Man

    Interested about a blast drom the past in the present?

    Here’s one: Yes,Nunn has been out for a while and kept a low profile.Looks pretty good for a 56 year old who spent like 17 years in prison. Miletich been retired for a while aswell...
  6. One Man

    Do you guys eat ass?

    I throughly enjoy eating quality buttocks. how about you guys?Do you have any weird techniques?
  7. One Man

    HBO’s Boxing After Dark

    Wasnt it the best show on Earth? It didnt have the gitz and gamour of the PPV broadcasts,but boy every damn fight seemed great there. Barrera-McKinney gave it a great start and it produced some classics such as Barrera-Morales I,Gatti-Ward I,Rios-Alvarado...
  8. One Man

    Aeon Flux

    Anybody watch this sci fi dystopian future cartoon back in the day? Aeon Flux is this apparently super skilled femme fatale spy that has a mission to...err...dont really know. The main antagonist is the leader of the movement she seems to try and eliminate by the name of Trecor Goodchild...
  9. One Man

    The Betting Thread

    I am sure some of you gents take part si what say you we trade ideas,suggestions and general discussion. not only sports betting but any type.
  10. One Man

    Have any of you had sex without paying?

    Honest answers please and if yes how did you do it with your useless ugly mugs,small genitalia and lack of money?
  11. One Man

    What do you think of guys doing videochat/caming?