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  1. McGrain

    Snoop's face when Chris kills Michael's stepdad

    Priceless. Pretty crazy the way The Wire escalated so seamlessly. Marlo was way more cold than Barksdale and Chris and Snoop were way more lethal than Wee-Bay and Tall Man. But it all felt right. Marlo came in number 2 on the all time Villain's list...
  2. McGrain

    Jessica Andrade destroyed by Weili Zhang in 40 seconds in China

    Could be awesome. Both as strong as little bulls, Andrade clearly mad, fighting this lunatic Zhang on a 20 fight win streak (nearly) in China, fair play to her. Zhang will be as big a star as can be imagined in modern combat sports if she becomes the first MMA champion from that country.
  3. McGrain

    Stamp Fairfax is fighting Alma Juniki in Shanghai. Should be OK. Card is live.

    Fairfax is an MMA legend, Juniki is an Australian Muay Thai wonderkid. Should be ok.
  4. McGrain

    Wildlife: South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher photographed for the first time ever.

    I'm probably going to change this into a general wildlife thread later but for now, here are Herons (well underestimated) scoffing rats. Rats are so utterly badass, every bit as tough as the hyena I reckon, but the fucking heron just bodies the fuckers, obviously it's got the size and...
  5. McGrain

    Child Protectors Scotland

    Holy shit these boys put the blade in:lol: "I just want you to confirm, that this is a picture of your....what's that gonna to tae anyone?" :lol: Controversial stuff all this, this paedophile hunting. The basic formula is a buckshee version of To Catch A Predator. They put someone online...
  6. McGrain

    Sean Carroll does his best to explain many worlds/multiverse/double slit madness

    Worth a deek this, he's speaking to me on something like my level. Spooks me out this quantum cloud thing. I'll be so cross if this is a simulation. He doesn't talk about simulation theory btw.
  7. McGrain

    Marvel Hip-Hop Crossover Album Covers

    Probably not threadworthy this, but there's a book about Marvel-Hip Hop cross overs and specifically the cover art and some of the covers down the years have been pretty sweet. I thought i'd toss a few up for the forum. This one kinda sums up the problem the idea has because there's some...
  8. McGrain

    Test Cricket

    Hello. Welcome to the Test Cricket thread. We all know the rest of cricket is a little bit silly, so we won't bother with any of that in here, instead here's a thread dedicated to the long form of the game. Anyone's welcome to pitch in but keep it Test. It's a busy schedule now, so there's...
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    Stefania Ferrario

    Hello. Stefania is Australian, bi-sexual and tri-lingual. I like that.
  11. McGrain

    World Chess Championship 2020, Candidates Tournament Line Up Announced

    The most pertinent question: are there enough moist towels in London to pat down the raging torrent of moisture streaming from between the legs of every right thinking British woman with the chess championships about to be staged in the UK for the first time since 2000? The answer, of course...
  12. McGrain

    Funniest film you've seen?

    What film would you name? I'm going for Airplane I guess. Best bit:
  13. McGrain

    Alastair Cook

    Yeah, cricket. I love cricket. Test match cricket is second only to boxing for me, and there's not a lot in it. Being Scottish, when I go, I generally support whoever England are playing but because when I watch cricket i'm generally watching England (most other top nations play in far flung...
  14. McGrain

    Best Version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water"?

    I hope you have a wee listen first though.
  15. McGrain

    Matt Guitar Murphy died

    Was a boss.
  16. McGrain

    Anybody got any idea what time Kal Yafai will be walking to the ring tonight?

    This one has a very, very late feel to it. Caleefornia. I see Carmona never made weight so he's not dropping the title but i'm still keen to check him out.
  17. McGrain

    Hardest dinosaur a musth bull elephant could tax?

    This has been bothering me for a while so I had a little think about it today, and by think about it, I mean I googled it and looked in this book: Which is a great book. The internet surprised me though. Basically there is some dispute out there as to whether any dinosaur could defeat a...
  18. McGrain

    Instagram "Ass Superstar" explains emotional impact of constantly displaying ass.

    This is Amanda Lee: Amanda is an Instagram superstar. She makes her living selling advertising on her Instagram page clearing 20k a pop. She makes a high six-figure salary posting pictures like these: She says: "Once I got all the followers, I reevaluated things — like, is...