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  1. Sittin Sonny

    The Smiths vs. the Smithereens

    Which '80s Smith band was the best? The Smiths The Smithereens
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    Murder Hornets arrive in the US

    Revenge for Hiroshima?
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    The Downfall of Charlie Zelenoff

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    Caption this pic

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    Your 10 predictions for 2020

    Mine: -Either Crawford and/or Loma will lose. -Pacquiao will fight Danny Garcia. -Broner will get another title shot (assuming he isn't in jail) - perhaps either a comebacking Spence or a desperate Crawford. -Benavidez will fight either Daniel Jacobs or Canelo at 168. -Sor Rungvisai will...
  6. Sittin Sonny

    British voters KO 1 scumbag American media

    Don't know how much you Brits follow (or care) about whatever crap our media is spewing, but ever since the Brexit vote, we've been listening to a constant narrative about what a "disaster" the Brexit vote has been and how the country is universally "regretting" its vote. Tony Blair even came...
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    Charlie's Angels reboot SHATTERS records, SMASHES the evil male patriarchy!!

    J/k, it's a colossal bomb and Hollyweird feminazis are in meltdown mode once again: :lol: Elizabeth Banks on Charlie's Angels reboot criticism: 'You’ve had 37 Spider-Man movies' "In the age of reboots...
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    Review of latest Terminator trailer

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    Would you have boned Judy from the original Lost in Space?

    I'd have gotten lost in her space, if you know what I mean. :smile :hey :yep :deal :dance :stir :banana :popcorn :wales :hammertime :horse :cheers :sun :hat
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    Review of "Prometheus"

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    You haven't lived until you've had Peking Pork Chop

    That's right. I don't care whether you stick your lubed-up centerpiece into the depths of this creature's nether regions on a nightly basis: No Peking? No living.
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    Review of horror film "Midsommar"

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    Official NFL 2020(maybe?) season thread

    Preseason has begun with last week's HoF game, and the season will begin in full in another few weeks. Some tidbits of news so far: -Brady signs a contract extension, will make $23 mill a year (up from 15 mill) over 3 years. -AB has an unspecified, non-football related foot injury. -Last I...
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    Real-life Assault on Precinct 13 in Bavaria

    And for the record, I'm talking about the gritty original Assault movie, not that corny and convoluted Hollyweird claptrap. :lol: Teens try to storm police station in Bavaria to...
  15. Sittin Sonny

    NYC suffers epically large blackout on anniversary of infamous '77 blackout

    Coincidence... or Karma?! :think1:conf The current one was reportedly caused by a transformer fire. These are before and after photos of the city: Unlike '77, there hasn't been reports of citywide looting and rioting, but citizens have been standing in the streets directing traffic for...
  16. Sittin Sonny

    A plan to storm Area 51 is in effect...

    :lol: "Thousands of people have taken a Facebook pledge to storm Area 51 to 'see them aliens' Stretch those quads and prep that tinfoil hat! Over 300,000 people have signed on to a Facebook event pledging to raid...
  17. Sittin Sonny

    RIP Rip Torn

    Shocked to see there wasn't a thread on this already when I got home from work. Surely people here appreciated his powerhouse performance in Freddy Got Fingered: :bbb Here he is as a young man, engaging in some avant garde improvisation with director Norman Mailer that quickly escalated...
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    Who played the best version of The Joker?

    The candidates: Romero: Nicholson: Hamill: Ledger: Leto: