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    Have you ever seen anything more cringeworthy (other than an Anglosaxon thread) than this? How old does Tyson look?
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    Fury and Williams

    What a pile of shit....I think.
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    Favourite Username

    What username makes you smile? Mine has to be Penis Face Cat Funeral. It took a sick/great mind to think that one up.
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    Old v Current

    Old Harrison Williams Sprott Skelton Current Fury Joshua Whyte Dubois Any victories for the 'Old' out of that lot?
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    Barry Chuckle RIP Loved these as a kid.
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    Stringfellow Dies

    No Trail
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    Role Model

    I was watching some bodybuilding videos on Youtube and one thing struck me. Is there a bigger white role model that black people look up to too than Arnold Schwarzenegger? Sure there are many great white sportsmen and women but I have never seen one cited as a role model to black people as...
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    Joined twins

    I know this has been posted before: I challenge anyone to watch that without thinking of sex. So many questions. If you dated one of the heads, would you ever get a blow job? would you ever get a fuck? would you ever get to perform cunnilingus? If one wanted it but the other didn't...
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    Things you just don't understand

    Mine would be Lapdancing. Why would anyone want to be in a public area, fully clothed and have a girl in a bikini or underwear writhe about in front of them, when if they touch her or show too much enthusiasm, they are likely to be thrown out or beaten up? On top of that, there is a chance you...
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    Things you hate about other Countries

    I'm going to start with America. There are so many but this one really grips my shit. Chinese food. Why the fuck do they feel the need to eat it with chopsticks? It's so pretentious, we use knives and forks to eat our meals in the west. Tell me, when they order Indian food, do they eat...
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    The future of Porn?

    Gentlemen, soon you make be able to literally go fuck yourselves.
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    Check out their Twitter page. :D A lot of butt hurt ladies.
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    Male Health Thread

    I noticed recently that one of my plums is at least twice the size of the other. When at home and my sack is warm and hangs down, you can clearly see the golf ball along side the baseball. However, I am off to the doctor tomorrow to get them examined but out of the house my scrotum shrinks to...
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    Breaking News - Colin Jackson Gay In other news, water is wet.
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    Human Benchmark - Cool site if you are bored I wish I could improve my reaction time.
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    Overall has the Internet improved or destroyed the world?

    Personally, I think it has done far more damage than good.
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    If you could look like one person for a week......

    Who would it be? Personally, I choose Jason Momoa. My face would smell like someone had poured a can of tuna on it by Friday.
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    Depp Divorce 'Battle begins over Johnny Depp's $400M fortune: Pirates Of The Caribbean star asks judge to reject Amber...
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    Daphne Joy

    Not seen a thread on this but check out Jason Derulu's shag piece - If ever a woman was built for sex....
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    11.22.63 Anyone watching this? First two episodes have been excellent - particularly the second.