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  1. Zopilote

    Who Is Your CHB Frienemy?

  2. Zopilote

    Dan Rafael Binned by ESPN

    No surprise there
  3. Zopilote

    Who Is The Oldest Female Celebrity You Would Be Happy To Bang?

    Christie Brinkley for sure.
  4. Zopilote

    What is going on in the Netherlands?

    @junior-soprano i hope your dad is ok and safe. You on the other hand, I hope your worthless ass dies in the worst possible way. I hope a sick American coughs on your stupid ass, gives you the corona and kills you.
  5. Zopilote


    The Coronavirus would do the entire world a favor if it infected and killed your faggot Dutch ass in the slowest most excruciating way possible, you fucking broken condom.
  6. Zopilote

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Perfect description of Big Poppa Pump.
  7. Zopilote

    Aaaaaaaaall The Wu-Tang Albums: RA The Rugged Man grabs GFK and Masta Killa for excellent guest slots

    Triumph Severe Punishment Hellz Wind Staff Visionz Heaterz
  8. Zopilote

    How The Fuck Do We Deal With China

    Hope that bitch gets jumped and jacked for all her shit. And sexually assaulted too.
  9. Zopilote

    Billy Joe Saunders Boxing Licence Suspended

    Normally, I would agree. But fuck Billie Hoe Saunders, so...
  10. Zopilote

    Dana White & Zuffa Boxing...

    I would quit watching the sport if that ever happened. One of the main reasons I can’t get into MMA.
  11. Zopilote

    Let's be reality, Mayweather was a better fighter p4p than Pernell Whitaker

    He got knocked down by Zab. I agree about Floyd having the better defense overall but offense? I think Pea edges him there. Arguably the GOAT southpaw jab and one of the absolute greatest ever when it came to combination punching and in-fighting.
  12. Zopilote

    Billy Joe Saunders (WBO) vs. Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez

    That “shot” Kovalev was better than anyone Blow Job Saunders has fought, especially at 168lbs. Canelo wrecks him.
  13. Zopilote

    Billy Joe Saunders (WBO) vs. Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez

    Canelo whoops that ass and Billie Hoe Saunders fucks off into irrelevancy afterwards.
  14. Zopilote

    How many countries have you visited? (yours not counting obviously)

    Fuck traveling the world, it’s just asking to catch different diseases. I’ve only been to Mexico way back in the day since I have family there.
  15. Zopilote

    The Most Destructive Performances Against Great Boxers

    Wouldn’t call that destructive at all.
  16. Zopilote

    The Most Destructive Performances Against Great Boxers

    Speaking of which.. Olivares-Rose