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  1. Drunkenboat

    Austria Sorted The Kung Flu. Why Havent You?

    New infections now lower than daily recoveries. Lockdown slowly end on 14th. Aryans have to save the world again I guess
  2. Drunkenboat

    Ive been away from Czech Hook for 3 months. What did I miss?

    Hows the corona panic going in the lounge?
  3. Drunkenboat

    Happy New Years Guys

    Pacquiao won the third fight against JMM and the first against Bradley. Klitschko would have beaten Lewis. Valuev beat Haye. Han shot first.
  4. Drunkenboat

    I Spent the Last Month Lurking on 4chan

    What a sad world it is.
  5. Drunkenboat

    Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Spoilers

    Seems like a mixed bag. Not rushing to watch
  6. Drunkenboat

    Huge Cache on Afghanistan War Published

    Turns out America has been losing for years and lying to the public. Rumsfeld caught admitting he didn't know who the enemy is. Constant warnings that putting so much money into the country was fueling corruption.
  7. Drunkenboat

    Krampus time for Austria

    If you are a bad child this guy comes and whips you
  8. Drunkenboat

    Patrick Stevens Dead!

    Patrick Stevens, lead singer of 80s alternative rock band Cock Cheese and Dishwater, was found dead at his home in northern Rhodesia Tuesday. The rebel rocker had recently been hospitalised after taking a 155mm howitzer round to the clavicle. His partially aborted family asked for privacy in...
  9. Drunkenboat

    Right Wing Conspiracies

    Jews flood pornography with inter-racial sex so the idea of white women having sex with black men will be popular. This is apparently a jewish plan to destroy the white population, replacing it with black/middle eastern races.
  10. Drunkenboat

    Boxing Delayed For UFC

    I guess we can say boxing has now been replaced
  11. Drunkenboat

    What Nationalities Do You Often Get Along With?

    Obviously, generalizations but i tend to get along with Scottish Irish Serbs Americans Indians Phillipinos Indonesians Italians
  12. Drunkenboat

    Ancestral home of all human beings discovered by scientists
  13. Drunkenboat

    Happy Austrian National Day Everybody

  14. Drunkenboat

    Austria Punching Above Weight

    Vienna consecutivley voted best city to live in. Wins nobel prize for literature Best tap water in world Best public transport system in world Aryan master race i mean well educated population Nearly zero crime World class beer
  15. Drunkenboat

    Video of Blindfolded Chinese Muslim Minority

  16. Drunkenboat

    How to get rid of smell of smoke in house

    Missus left stove on for 2hrs. Firefighters gone and now place stinks.
  17. Drunkenboat

    Sarah Palin is now single

    Palin just got divorced. Somebody needs to go bang her and get her to scream "I can see Russia from here". I vote for Doby.
  18. Drunkenboat

    Weird Gel Found on Moon by Chinese
  19. Drunkenboat

    I just marked 252 bachelor-level papers and I'm about to die from boredom. Help me.

    Post something interesting.
  20. Drunkenboat

    Boning someone's limb

    Boning someone's limb. Why have I never heard of this? You hear of all kinds of evil things that people do to each other, but I can't say I remember reading about someone having their leg or arm boned out (de-boned, whatever). Imagine that. Having a leg without a shin bone. Or the reverse, as...