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    Cop murders black man via suffocation

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    Kaitlin Olsen aka Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philly..

    She went from To
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    Olympic qualifiers have started

    Will be interesting to see how many of the top countries will qualify and how many "professionals". Last Olympics the vast majority of pro's lost their 1st fight with some getting knocked out even. "Plenty top amateurs can't adapt to the pro's" - yeah well it goes both ways Einstein. Africa QT...
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    Transgender destroys competition - 2 gold medals

    Whoever made this possible should be shot.
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    Too dumb to catch an Uber - Kovalev DUI
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    AB's civil suit judgement is here

    Looks like Absolutely Brainless will be selling some of his cars and Rolexes.
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    Rate her CHB

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    Ryan's younger brother

    Kid packs a punch. Fck me! :lol:
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    Rooftopping gone wrong

    My palms are soaking wet.
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    Prograis vs Taylor off - Regis sues WBSS

    Pro boxing is such a mess.
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    (S)he almost made it

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    Mayweather schooled silly during basketball game

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    The rematch is on - AJ vs Ruiz Jr. II

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    Tank Davis vs Loma

    Vote and discuss. Pedders not welcome.
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    Manchester vs Bristol vs Oxford vs Cambridge vs Birmingham

    What city would you rather live in if you had to choose between any of these?
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    Adonis Stevenson in medically induced coma

    Trying to reduce swelling in his brain. It shocked me when I read it. I guess I didn't expect it. On a side note: That ref was horrible. Gvozdyk was held up by the ropes from Stevenson's signature left but no knockdown given ffs.
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    Insane F3 crash by female rider Sofia Flörsch

    It's real and she survived:
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    Danny "Tony" Garcia

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    Bantamweight WBSS tournament on the way?
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    Cryptocurrencies are a ponzi scheme / scam

    Thread for the nay-sayers and non-believers. Uber scepticism, negativity, cantankerousness welcome. Bash the shit out of this stupid thing called digital currencies.