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  1. Jim Kelly

    help with boxnation channel

    a sky subscriber, im trying to sign back to boxnation but the website doesn't allow me to? i've tried calling them but it an automated message says the place is closed.. wtf?
  2. Jim Kelly

    shakur shaking stevenson fight not showing?

    NO UK TV picked this up?
  3. Jim Kelly

    pacman v thurman uk tv?

    ITV BOX OFFICE? nothing is listed as of now.
  4. Jim Kelly

    london posters/uk posters..recommed a motel/hotel

    cheap..just one night. pay cash.. any where around london bridge or stratford? any recommendations?
  5. Jim Kelly

    They ALL float down here..IT remake official trailer ..

    coming in 5 hours..and counting!!
  6. Jim Kelly

    Chb hip hop out?

    Find me the new roc Marciano rosebudd's revenge album please. Pm me
  7. Jim Kelly

    Easiest & quickest way to transfer music from ipod to Laptop?

    i recently lost plenty of my files on my ext hard drive .. i have an ipod with plenty of music on it and would like to transfer all of the files onto my laptop.. any quick and easy process/programme in doing so? much appreciated.
  8. Jim Kelly

    Congrats Mike Tyson!!

    Mike Tyson won the award for Best New Actor at the 2016 Macau International Film Festival Aries Awards on March 9 for his role in Ip Man 3
  9. Jim Kelly

    Paul Daniels is no longer with us..

    Top 5..GOAT.
  10. Jim Kelly

    ID kovalev ring walk music against pascal 2?

    That acid Russian jazzy music..any idea?
  11. Jim Kelly

    Rest in leaves to The Treeman. what a shame they couldn't find a permanence cure or some strong medicine to help his immune system. Hope he finds peace.
  12. Jim Kelly

    Channel showing Khan vs Algieri? (Boxnation)

  13. Jim Kelly

    say what ? bullshit ..brett fuckner to remake enter the dragon aka blasphemous wtf!

    Yes, you read it right: Brett Ratner wants to remake Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, the 1973 kung fu classic about a martial artist (Lee) who agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord (Shih Kien) using his invitation to a tournament there as cover. AICN reports that Ratner mentioned this idea...
  14. Jim Kelly

    Ring walk for ggg/murray?

    any rough idea? coverage begins at 10, are we skipping the undercard?
  15. Jim Kelly

    UK posters.torrent sites?

    any suggestions? proper dry.
  16. Jim Kelly

    My fave zombie Film is showing on BBC 1 in 55 mins. .

    dawn of the dead (1978).. :happy
  17. Jim Kelly

    Afghanistan's 'Bruce Lee' becomes an Internet hit

    Afghanistan's 'Bruce Lee' becomes an Internet hit KABUL (Reuters) - From the ruins of a bombed-out palace above Kabul, a young Afghan man bearing a striking resemblance to gongfu legend Bruce Lee is high-kicking his way to Internet fame, aiming to show another side to his war-weary nation...
  18. Jim Kelly

    Groves and DeGale back on the ring..

    watching it now..
  19. Jim Kelly

    Giant Spiders to Invade UK Homes Giant Spiders to Invade UK Homes IB TimesBy Tom Porter | IB Times – 3 hours ago Share66 Print (Reuters)View Photo (Reuters) Millions of giant spiders are set to invade UK homes, experts warned this week...
  20. Jim Kelly

    Carl Froch vs George Groves II declared a box office hit: Rematch made £22m and is richest fight..

    On British soil. Carl Froch’s stunning win over George Groves at Wembley in May can now officially be declared the biggest grossing fight on British soil in history, with the largest ever purse, of £10million. Froch took home £8m and Groves £2m. Sportsmail’s analysis of the finances...