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  1. Haggis

    How much privacy do you have from your neighbours? Is that important to you?

    Another poster in another thread referenced how a lot of English people live in these types of terraced houses: Which is a horrible nightmare to me. I fucking hate neighbours. Last place I lived, if I sat outside to have a smoke, I was in full view of 2 kitchen windows and 1 living room...
  2. Haggis

    How much blame does 20 years of Fox News partisan hate mongering deserve for America's current state of crisis?

    Their entire business model is based around segregating the population between Real America and Them, and whipping its audience into a partisan frenzy. Multiple studies have shown that they are NOT a news source - they are a propaganda outlet. They broadcast and amplify right-wing propaganda...
  3. Haggis

    Would your grandfather consider you a real man, or a manchild? Or even a girlie man?

    My favorite grandfather would have been horrified at my near total lack of ability to take $65 worth of random timber and miscellaneous shit, and make a highly illegal sunroom out of it. :lol: Other than that, I think I would have done OK. He would have been confused at my ability to cook, but...
  4. Haggis

    Porn addiction. How common is this, how damaging, and have you ever suffered?

    Let's be real, we're all guys here. We all like porn. But some of us like it waaaaaaay too much, and it's damaging. Know anybody like that? Ever decided you had to take a step back from Internet porn yourself? What of young guys who grew up with Pornhub? :hat
  5. Haggis

    Should Twitter, Facebook and YouTube be regulated and treated like public utilities rather than private kingdoms?

    It seems like a very small number of social media companies have VASTLY outsized influence on our societies, and have an extremely negative impact on the health of our communities and democracies. Should these private companies - as powerful as they have become - be treated more like water and...
  6. Haggis

    When's the last time you got in a physical fight with another guy?

    Like when someone wants to fight YOU, or when you picked a fight with someone? As opposed to when you were attacked by multiple people, or got involved in a mass brawl? :hat
  7. Haggis

    Who is history's all-time greatest military leader?

    Military leader, not civilian leader. Doesn't matter if they were shit at administering their empire, only matters that they were incredible at gaining that empire through war. Is it inevitably going to come down to Alexander vs Genghis? Or are other candidates realistic? Napoleon? Hannibal...
  8. Haggis

    If society shifted to a 4 day, 32 hour work week..... what would happen?

    Would you vote for this? Does it strike you as reasonable? What about feasible? What kind of effects would you expect to see, short term and long term? :hat
  9. Haggis

    Will sex dolls ever advance to the point where they are no longer shameful to buy and use?

    Sex dolls are not a new thing, but they have progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Are they gross and pathetic and doomed to remain so going forward? Or is there a point where the technology is advanced enough that they become an acceptable substitute for a real woman? If...
  10. Haggis

    Make more random threads, people.

    Some of the best threads are just random stupid questions, and they end up with 200 responses and everybody has a good time. Even if the thread is just a simple, stupid, random question. Do you wipe your ass standing or sitting. Do you prefer jam or peanut butter. Rank the Spice Girls in order...
  11. Haggis

    Jeff Bezos is on track to become a trillionaire within a decade. Is this moral? Or is it a failed system?

    He's increased his wealth by something over $12 billion since February 21. In that same time period, over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment. If his wealth keeps rising at the rate it has been for the last few years, he'll become a trillionaire in the next 5-6 years. A full-time...
  12. Haggis

    Which well-known national cuisine is the worst?

    According to your taste? We can all say that some smaller culture who most of us are unfamiliar with is the worst. I am unimpressed with hangis, which is food wrapped in wet leaves, buried on top of hot rocks in a pit, and steamed in the ground. But of well known national food, I think for...
  13. Haggis

    Which band do we think the most CHB members have seen live in concert? ?

    Who do you think it would be? I was thinking about making it a poll between Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica and the Foo Fighters. They're all massive bands who have been touring constantly for virtually the entire lives of most of our posters. I've seen all 3 over the last 20 years at the far...
  14. Haggis

    Have you taken a corona test?

    The missus has, but I haven't. What about you? :hat
  15. Haggis

    Tech toys you have /want /enjoy. Needless, but fun. Recommendations? Reviews?

    I have some store credit at an electronics shop. I pretty much have everything that they sell that I actively want. So I'm casting around for some little toy that will amuse me. Have enough smart lights for the moment, but I'm looking at a couple of little toys. Anyone have either of those...
  16. Haggis

    Which industries will coronavirus kill off or permanently change?

    Read a couple of articles about corona potentially hastening the end of print newspapers. Movie theatre industry could be in trouble too. They're already getting squeezed out by streaming, operating on narrower and narrower margins, and it might be a couple of years before people are...
  17. Haggis

    After the virus settles down, should we just get rid of handshaking?

    I never liked it. And it's bad for spreading germs. Should we just get rid of it? :hat
  18. Haggis

    Celebrity Covid19 Cases/Deaths Tracker.

    A few famous people tested positive by now, no doubt more to come. Add as new cases come up, make guesses or rank the biggest names to catch it. So far: Tom Hanks Harvey Weinstein Boris Johnson Prince Charles Idris Elba Who else? :hat
  19. Haggis

    Thread for those who are laid off or worried about losing their jobs due to the virus.

    Or those whose partners have been laid off. Yeah another covid thread, but this is the biggest event of our lifetimes and has shut down pretty much every other current event on the planet, so fuck it, let's see how it impacts the employment status of our online community. I'm sure at least a...
  20. Haggis

    Women and their fucking dietary restrictions. Self imposed or otherwise. Does your missus have any?

    I've complained about this before, but I'd like to know how common this shit actually is. At a party a couple of weeks ago I was standing around with two other couples, we were talking about our favourite restaurants. Three out of three women had some sort of bullshit dietary restrictions...