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  1. Super_Fly_Sam

    Shields VS Habazin off after Hazabin’s trainer sucker punched

    Claressa Shields fight canceled after Ivana Habazin's trainer gets sucker-punched Shields suggested Habazin should continue with the fight while trainer has facial reconstruction surgery by Brent Brookhouse & Jack Crosby 5 hrs ago • 1 min read Two-time Olympic gold medalist...
  2. Super_Fly_Sam

    Mike Tyson Puts Hands On Rap Manager

    Allegedly Mike Tyson recently smacked up ‘ Wack100. Wack apparently manages a few westcoast rappers such as The Game. Anyway word is Wack was on Mikes podcast recently and things got out of hand when the topic of 2Pac came up, Wack made comments about how he though Pac was bisexual and Mike...
  3. Super_Fly_Sam

    Best VPNs

    So anyone got any idea about the best VPNs to use so I can make my internet look like it's coming from the US? I want to get onto the ESPN plus thing and DAZN etc to watch fights but they don't work in Aus. I tried a shitty free VPN for ESPN but they must be to smart and I was blocked out...
  4. Super_Fly_Sam

    Haney VS Garcia

    20 year old, 21(13)-0-0 Devin Haney VS 20 year old, 17(14)-0-0 Ryan Garcia?? If it gets made it will be a great proving ground for both young bucks. I’m a fan of both and not sure I want to see either of them take an L though.
  5. Super_Fly_Sam

    Shakur Stevenson Arrested

    From the scene Not good for his clean cut, friendly good guy olympian image.
  6. Super_Fly_Sam

    Action Jackson VS Frampton

    Luke “Action” Jackson VS Carl “The Jackal” Frampton August 18 for the interim WBO featherweight title. Good fight! Seems a few of our Aussies are stepping up and getting into some bigger fights!
  7. Super_Fly_Sam

    Aussie Bec Rawlings Fights And Wins Bare-knuckle Boxing Match

    'I'm the queen of bare-knuckle fighting': Australian female UFC star dominates in first ever championships of the sport - as doctors have to stop the fight because of the severity of her opponent's injuries Brisbane star Bec Rawlings has made history in the first bare-knuckle fight She...
  8. Super_Fly_Sam

    Commonwealth Games

    So the Commonwealth games opened last night. Aus has quite a few boxers competing and in with a few medal chances!! I'm not completely up to date with what's going on but will try keep this thread up to date reasonably with at least the results of what's going on. Team Australia MEN’S Jack...
  9. Super_Fly_Sam

    Yusaf Mack beat up a homophobic troll

    Bloody good on him to I say! Fuck if Mack wants to get amongst the other blokes even on film then who are we to criticise?! I remember seeing an interview with Mack where he said he'd been depressed but now that he was out and living his truth he was so much happier. I'm glad for him! The...
  10. Super_Fly_Sam

    MMA Rousey's Return at UFC 207

    After what will be 13 month she out of the cage Ronda Rousey will return to fight Amanda Nunes at 207 30th Dec. Hopefully Nunes gives her a spankig
  11. Super_Fly_Sam

    Why are these Aussie's progressing so slow?

    Righto, I did begin typing this in the thread for news not requiring it's on thread, but seeing as the Aussie forum has gone quiet figured I'd start a new thread to help things move about here. so; Anyone know why some of our Aussie boxers careers seem to be progressing so slowly?? For example...
  12. Super_Fly_Sam

    Horn VS Mueller

    Jeff Horn will be taking on 20(14)-1-1 German Rico Mueller next month (21st) in Brisbane. On paper it looks like a decent fight though I know F all about Rico. A win will apparently move Jeff to number 2 with the WBO and open an opportunity for a world title bout against the winner of...
  13. Super_Fly_Sam

    Moving To A Different Country

    Who's done it? I brought myself a one way ticket the other day and will be moving to Brazil at the end of November. I'm pretty nervous about it all but obviously heaps excited! It is also going to be my first big international trip so it's gonna be a pretty full on experience. All that...
  14. Super_Fly_Sam

    Aussie Olympic Campaign

    Righto gents, with our Aussie boxers due to touch down in Rio on Sunday it's time to get talking about the Olympics. I'm keen as! I'll be doing my best to watch as much of the boxing as possible! We're sending 3 boxers. 2 men and 1 female. Which actually strikes me as quite strange. Usually we...
  15. Super_Fly_Sam

    World Jnr Champ misses Olympic chance due to some idiots negligence

    WTF? Sounds like someone made a mince of that! Granted he did choose to bow but what was he supposed to do whn the doc says he is fit to box even with a gash requiring 6 stiches in his foot and these muppets not listening to reason?!
  16. Super_Fly_Sam

    Mundine VS Hatley Round by round

    For those not watching I'll try keep u updated.... R1 10-9 Hatley Mundine showing good defence and slipping Hatleys fast start but not returning anything much. Charles gets it on activity Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Super_Fly_Sam

    Aussie NRL Player Facing 25 Years Gaol in the US

    I'm no legal expert but sounds like he's in some pretty bloody hot water! Any of you lot from the US heard about this?? Got any idea on how serious things really are? Could it be just another case that's blown out of proportion due to his somewhat celebrity status (at least in Aus) More...
  18. Super_Fly_Sam

    Anyway to watch Mosley VS Mayorga 2 in Aus

    Legally?? Seems to me the answer is no as it's not on the main event site. But is it possible to watch online through a legal stream? Defo not the best fight out there but I'm sold on it haha. The press conference antics, Shane talking trash, Ricardo being himself.... whether it's all...
  19. Super_Fly_Sam

    Sugar Shane to reopen divorce settlement

    Apparently That slime ball Jin married some other bloke in 1999 before Shane and didn't divorce him until 4 years after marrying Shane. If true could look like Shane might get a chance to get...
  20. Super_Fly_Sam

    Sam Ah See Inducted Into Orange Sporting HOF VIDEO: 2014 Orange sports awards: Sam Ah-See inducted into hall of fame By MATT FINDLAY July 29, 2015, 4:30 a.m. INDUCTEE: Boxer Sam Ah-See was inducted into the Orange...