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  1. Sledgehammer16

    Top rank shows

    Think they are negotiations with UK networks. Surely either BT or Sky will pick it up.
  2. Sledgehammer16

    Hughie Fury (24-3) vs. David Allen (18-5-2)

    Be a decent fight for Hearns back garden shows. Cue comments of "If Hughie Fury was fighting in my garden I'd close the curtains" etc etc
  3. Sledgehammer16

    DAZN launching in the U.K. (The end for SS/Matchroom)

    The production of the product is garbage isn't it. For something that has been so heavily backed the look and coverage comes across as a tinpot BoxNation.
  4. Sledgehammer16

    Derry Mathews (38-12-2)...

    Big fan of Derry. Underrated. Had a solid career, played the spoiler so many times after being written off. Always fun to watch.
  5. Sledgehammer16

    Frank Warren signs Jordan Thompson ( Cruiserweight )

    I like Jordan. Hope we get to see him on these behind closed doors shows
  6. Sledgehammer16

    Will we finally see a boxing game 2021

    Hearn comes out with this every other month. If there was money to be made, EA or someone else would have brought something out by now. Obviously boxing games dont sell well. I think an independent studio is looking at bringing a game out later this year with Bueno, Hatton etc. God knows what...
  7. Sledgehammer16

    Tyson Fury (Lineal & WBC) vs. Anthony Joshua (WBA. IBF, WBO & IBO)

    From listening to Frank's Boxing Social interview today, it sounds like this actually might happen. The idea of Frank handling the negotiations with the Saudi's terrifies me though. Can't see Warren coming out of the Saudi judicial system well if anything goes awry....
  8. Sledgehammer16

    Frank Warren signs Nathan Heaney - Huge Ticket Seller

    Good signing this. Should sell a few tickets, if and when crowds are allowed back at shows.
  9. Sledgehammer16

    Frank Warren...

    Frank announcing a new signing tomorrow. Anyone have any guesses?
  10. Sledgehammer16

    Dan Rafael Binned by ESPN

    I like Dan. Yes he's morbidly obese but he loves his boxing and knows his stuff.
  11. Sledgehammer16

    Richard Poxon...

    Not a fan. Had a big chance with the ITV Boxing deal and blew it. What does he do these days apart from that Podcast?
  12. Sledgehammer16

    Joe Joyce vs. Daniel Dubois (British & Commonwealth) - POSTPONED

    This would have been today. Who do we think would have won this? Still can't see past Dubois in six.
  13. Sledgehammer16

    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    What's Dom Ingle been doing during lockdown I hear you ask? Not again Dom!
  14. Sledgehammer16

    Life after boxing for Tony Bellew.

    Poor Anthony. Wish the media would stop forcing him to go on the Tele.
  15. Sledgehammer16

    Fitzgerald suspended

    Shame. Lad obviously has issues and hope he gets them sorted. That Fowler win was fight of the year last year and that Cheeseman win was gold.
  16. Sledgehammer16

    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    Glenn's boozy Twitter sessions are a highlight of the day during these lockdown times.
  17. Sledgehammer16

    Frank Warren...

    Upcoming edition of his Podcast will be with Dana White. Should be a corker.
  18. Sledgehammer16

    Eddie Hearn is going to lose a lot of money to COVID-19.

    Looks like COVID-19 will do what Warren could never do and fill up the Excel Centre.