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    Stevie's Sermon Thread

    So I have decided to do a sermon thread here. My goal here is to provide new age interpretations and life applications to a book that means the world to me. The interpretations that I provide will be revelations that I have found in bible study, and in personal devotion time with my Lord. Some...
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    New York Legalizes Abortions Up Until Due Date of Baby

    New York passes law allowing abortions up until baby's due date if mother's health is at risk By Caitlin O'Kane Updated on: January 23, 2019 / 12:36 PM / CBS News New York passes law allowing abortions up until baby's due date if mother's health is at risk New York state has...
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    Do we have a movie discussion thread? #Apparently Spoilers#

    I just watched American Graffiti the other day for the first time and it is, quite possibly, the worst "great" film I have ever seen. Just a bunch of uninteresting characters driving around in slow-moving vehicles, with completely inconsequential interactions occurring throughout the film. The...
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    No Charges... Again Joe Bruno ✔@JoeBrunoWSOC9 BREAKING: NO CHARGES will be filed against the police officer who fatally shot #KeithScott. Family attorneys set to speak shortly @wsoctv 11:09 AM - 30 Nov 2016 280280 Retweets...
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    North Carolina and HB2

    So by now we all know that NC's new Public Facilities Privacy and Public Securities Bill restricts transgender usage of restrooms to the biological sex found on their birth certificates. I was curious to see, though, what might also be in a rushed bill formulated by a southern state... §...
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    So let's review biblical creation...

    For many people, both Christians and atheists alike, the story of biblical creation is quite difficult to digest. Christians often find themselves trapped in the hole of declaring that the earth is 6000 years old. Atheists can't get around how the earth could be made in six days, nor can they...
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    Is Floyd Mayweather TBE Defensively?

    So we all know that he isn't the best overall fighter ever, but what about his defense? IMO, he's the best defender I have ever seen. He is virtually impossible to hit unless you are countering him. Even unable to use his favored shoulder roll, he completely neutralized Manny because there...
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    Great PS4 Titles? (no first-person shooters)

    Assassin's Creed Unity is completely broken. I just don't see how, in 2014, games like this are green-lit. I didn't buy ACIV and never considered Rogue because I didn't really care for the naval battles. I patiently...
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    Anyone else been filled with the Holy Spirit?

    ... just seeing if there's anyone else here. If so, PM.
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    Golovkin vs Ward?

    If I'm team Golovkin, I go ahead and make the Ward fight at this point. No one is really lining up to fight him at 160. Andre has been very inactive and, seemingly, is preoccupied with things outside of the ring. This is the best time to step in the ring and catch him being less than sharp...
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    Video Challenge: Someone please provide evidence of Floyd's slippage

    I've been reading that Mayweather has fallen off a cliff since looking fantastic against Canelo a few months ago. When you compare Saturday's fight to other fights in which opponents imployed a similar style of attack, though, Floyd's descent isn't all that obvious to me. I thought that he...
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    Floyd Mayweather critiques Pac and Bradley

    Floyd Mayweather: "Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley fought like amateurs" Written by Joseph Herron at Apr 30, 2014 - 01:36PM ET in News Share • 0 Comments Floyd Mayweather: "Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley fought like amateurs" On Saturday...
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    Dads and Boxing

    My father loved Muhammad Ali and when he heard that Ali had managed to get his weight down for the Holmes fight, he thought that Ali had a chance of pulling off the upset. The image of watching an old Ali battered against the ropes has never really left him. My father has always resented Ray...
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    Fastest slow-motion punch ever?

    Julian Jackson unleashes a savage right hand on Terry Norris that is undetectable, even in slow motion. It's probably the fastest single power shot that I've ever seen.
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    What Happened to Gerald McClellan?

    Ever since a few other posters started reminiscing about people like James Toney and Mike McCallum a couple of weeks ago, I've found myself fixated on 90's era middleweights. Most specifically, I've been stuck on Benn/McClellan for a couple of days now. I hadn't ever seen the fight prior to this...
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    Son of Adrian Peterson murdered... (CNN) -- A 2-year-old boy who was reportedly the son of Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson died Friday of injuries he suffered after allegedly being abused, police said. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, police...
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    The old fight I watched today thread

    Today I caught Marlon Starling vs. Mark Breland ll, a fight l had never seen before. Breland looked done halfway through, yet found a way to stay competitive and earned a draw against one of the more underrated fighters in history. Pure class. I did have Starling winning, though. edit...