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    Question regarding this poster "Medicine"

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    US Murder Capitals for 2020

    Wonder who will take the crown of most Murderous shithole in America this year... Lightweight Division... As of now for any city in America over 200,000..... Baltimore, MD(Pop 602,492 and 218 murders) run by Democrat Bernard Young with a current rate of 35 for 100,000 is trailing far in...
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    Guns are the hottest selling product right now in America

    The gun stores are absolutely jam packed, Lines around the corner just to get in. Went in one today, empty cases left and right, a Glock is impossible to come by anywhere, Sigs, HKs, Rugers everything gone...AR's gone, shot guns gone.... Ammunition sold out, cant find anywhere online.... Nothing...
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    Official NHL Playoffs 2020

    Flyers clearly the best team in the league right now.
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    Footage of NYC year 1911 In 4kHD 60fps

    Amazing stuff.
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    Best Skyline in America

    Included the 8 largest downtowns in America from 1 to 8...... (Downtown Washington DC is actually the 4th largest but does not have skyscrapers).... My vote goes to Seattle...Absolutely beautiful city and landscape. 1.NYC 2. Chicago 3. Philadelphia 4. San Francisco 5. Seattle 6...
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    NFL 100... biggest joke Ive ever seen

    Who are the jackasses who make these list? Dak Prescott at 46... while Wentz who spanked Dak with a practice squad last year isnt even on the list. Then they go a put their sports media golden boy fraud Lamar Jackson at 1 and put Mahomes at 4. How does a guy who has not won a playoff game and...
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    KANYE WILL BE YOUR NEW PRESIDENT (Joe Biden express not even on the front page anymore)

    Lets do it people. Kanye is here to lead us.... And if you don't like it...YOU ARE A RACIST. You all said anybody but Trump...Well Kanye is not Trump, now put some action behind your words.
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    The war is set and ready to go.

    The higher power has had a falling out. They are split into two. They need to settle the score in winner takes all fashion. Both sides have been putting the pieces together over the years and are now ready to go to war. Here is the breakdown...... Side A. Higher Power (Posing as "The Right")...
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    Joe Biden Sharts his pants in live interview with Tom Wolf

    20:48... :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
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    Which US City/State has the best Accent? POLL

    Pretty much I have tried to include the places that have their own distinct accent and are most recognizable... Obviously others exist but these are the main ones people can hear and pick off where it comes from... Tried to use videos of people with legitimate accents (Not some idiots doing an...
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    Cart Narcs

    Now this is fucking gold right here.
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    Setanta Avatar Bet

    @Setanta Lets see what you got..... I wanna see if you can really get my blood boiling with a horrible Avatar that I will hate with a passion. I'll concede right here right now if you post it.
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    Can't quit Nicotine

    It's starting to get very frustrating.... I have now been on my last cigarette for 10 years now... No matter what I do I just can not beat my nicotine addiction. The vapes worked to quit cigarettes but If anything they ended up being ten times worse, especially the Juuls. One Juul pod is equal...
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    Crackheads ……...…..

    I know it's not suppose to be "Funny".... But fuck me they are hilarious....
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    They have arrested and charged the two guards looking over Epstein Obvious fall guys. How is the American public sitting back and taking this shit? It's obvious we are being played by all of them...The media, the elites, the Dems/Repubs, British...
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    Kids on youtube are now playing the role of "Chris Hansen"...

    So it seems these youtube kids are now doing their own catch a predator channels. They are setting guys up on dating sites like tinder and grinder and seem to mostly be expoising them in walmarts... Judging by the video posters comments (Most of the people making these videos are teens...
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    NYPD district busts business owner for 100% Legal Industrial Hemp... Posted a photo op claiming they confiscated Marijuana

    It was all 100% Industrial Hemp... Cops are a fucking joke. How can they have not heard about CBD or been educated on the Farm bill and what Hemp/CBD is compared to what Marijuana/THC is? The bootlickers are the worst... Posting tweets like "Sensational work by our boys in blue, stay...
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    Just received 1,035 phone calls to my cell in 5 hours

    Very strange... At 5:30 today I got a call from a random number, ignored it as always, 2 seconds later I got another and another..... within 15 minutes I had now gotten over 80 phone calls, all with 267 area codes, (same as my number) then on top of it I started receiving text messages with most...
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    Cop pulls gun on guy picking up trash on his property..

    Look at the situation this idiot cop created, you can tell the other cops who showed up knew he fucked up big time.