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  1. Casper Gomez

    Your favourite interviews ever?

    Any kind e.g Political, Funny, Controversial. Remember this one? He rips them to effing pieces and they sit there taking it :rofl
  2. Casper Gomez

    Man hit by Motorbike live on ITV News

    :rofl Hope the drivers injuires aren't serious.
  3. Casper Gomez

    Snubbed girlfriend snogs stranger after boyfriend rejects her on kiss cam
  4. Casper Gomez

    Frank Warren replaced by Barry Hearn? (Sunsport colum)

    Bazza has a colum on Franks usual page 64. :s
  5. Casper Gomez

    Who at 168 Causes Froch problems/ beats him?

    State which fighter you think will cause Froch problems or beat him? Ward (Obviously), Rodriguez, Degale and Dirrell would give him problems for me. Who else?
  6. Casper Gomez

    Fury vs Chisora Undercard press conference. Interviews from Frank, Billy Joe, Gareth A davies.
  7. Casper Gomez

    Barry & Eddie Hearn crash Scott Quigg's post fight interview with message to Team Frampton 2:53
  8. Casper Gomez

    High Plains Drifter. What a movie!

    It's bloody amazing. My favorite Clint Eastwood. Amazing score. Brilliant script. Your thoughts?
  9. Casper Gomez

    Danny garica is the most overrated fighter ever

    The guy has a great chin and is tough as nails but hes so overrated it unreal. He was being murked by khan, had to fight dirty to beat lucas, beat a old Morales TWICE, old Light welterweight Judah? It's bullshit. Al Halmon is a cunt.
  10. Casper Gomez

    Songs which give you that feeling of euphoria, that make the hair on the back or you neck stand up?

    Post the songs which give you that feeling.
  11. Casper Gomez

    Movies/Tv shows were you wanted the bad guy to win?

    Movies/tv Show Characters you were rooting for? Neil McCauley - Heat - Absolutely hated Vincent Hanna (Pacino) in this film. Jack was much more likable. Loki - Thor - G Magneto - X men - G Roy Batty - Blade Runner Gus Fring - Breaking bad THOUGHTS??
  12. Casper Gomez

    When Sports stars get ANGRY!. 3:14 is bloody hilarious Who is the manager at 4:18? Sounds like a proper twat.
  13. Casper Gomez

    How Amazing is this scene?
  14. Casper Gomez

    The Clash vs The Jam, who were better?

  15. Casper Gomez

    Romeo Romaeo fight live on youtube now (Link)
  16. Casper Gomez

    Boxnation: Quick question

    Why don't they give live streams of their press conferences, weigh ins on their boxnation channel then have some interviews with the fighters after about their bouts? Like what sky do. Do they they have any plans on starting this?
  17. Casper Gomez

    Films where the supporting actor is better than the main star?

    Ethan Hawke> Denzel Washington. Training Day Frank Loggia> Al pacino. Scarface Sean Penn> Al Pacino. Carlito's Way James Woods> De Niro. Once upon a time in America. These are my opinions. what are yours? Discuss.
  18. Casper Gomez

    Gym altercation between Roach, Robert Garcia and Ariza. (Videos)
  19. Casper Gomez

    Evangelou bros sign 3 year deal with Frank warren.

    The Flash ‏@ChrisEvangelou4m I am proud to say that today me and my brother have just signed a 3 year contract with Frank Warren,Thank you to...