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  1. Johnstown

    Anyone here like camping?

    Not sure how common a thing it is over in England. If you do go campaign do you "really camp" as in tent and even using some survival skills (fishing for dinner)? Or do you have a RV that is nicer than some people's houses?
  2. Johnstown

    Sweethome_Bama is back!

    Not my fake troll account either. The real one!
  3. Johnstown

    Tying a Stimulus Check to Getting A Vaccine

    I tried to google this and I haven't seen the idea any place. Once we get a vaccine (I am speaking from the American perspective but I think this would work in many countries maybe) we give a stimulus check to everyone who shows they get the vaccine. We still require people to get the...
  4. Johnstown

    I guess Joe E. is the biggest Biden fan here.

    Apparently he wants to suck off Biden's cock... Stunning.
  5. Johnstown

    Is It Normal For A 60 Year Old "Man" To Live With His Sister?

    If so what are the benefits? Taking showers together to help each other get "hard to reach" places?
  6. Johnstown

    Kimberly Guilfoyle Is a Dirty Aggressive Dyke Freak

    Party of Jesus
  7. Johnstown

    Donald Trump VS. Joe Biden Round by Round (and Prediction) Thread

    For those watching the debate please feel free to post your thoughts, observations and impressions while watching the debate. Kinda like a RBR... Debate scheduled to start at 9:00 pm EST. So we have the first debate in a little over 48 hours from the time of this post (Tuesday...
  8. Johnstown

    Crazy Court TV Case

    Please watch. It's in Spanish but has subtitles.
  9. Johnstown

    Hulk Hogan Vs Bruce Lee

    I listen to Jim Cornette's podcast. He got this question and was incensed that anyone could think Hulk could win this. Thing is...Bruce was more of a "real fighter" than Hogan...but he wasn't really a real fighter. Cornette is a bit of a hater with Hulk so while it's true Hogan wasn't a...
  10. Johnstown

    Stupid Boxing Machine...anyone get these ads?

    I've been seeing the Facebook ads a ton lately. Truthfully not the most useless thing ever but it would definitely be of minimal use. Clearly not super sturdy...obviously can't put any real power into it. The arms are slow and flimsy. Definitely not worth the 800 dollars they want for it...
  11. Johnstown

    Is this commerical fucked up?

    Always found it weird Seems like she is trying to groom her daughter for incestuous muff diving. You decide.
  12. Johnstown

    Famous, or "Great" Movies You Have Never Watched

    I just saw a post on Facebook about the movie Seven. I realized I had never watched it. I then realized there are many movies that are considered good or even great that I haven't watched. Funny thing is Seven seems like a movie I'd like maybe love. But never sat down and watched it and...
  13. Johnstown

    Can You Scared White Boys Handle This?

    Well...can you?
  14. Johnstown

    Returning Items after you used them...

    It's not much different than stealing shit by some reasoning. Although I do think there is some moral leeway. Example: You buy a TV with a 90 day warranty. The TV breaks on the 91st day through no fault of your own. I might be hard pressed not to say "fuck this" and go buy the exact same...
  15. Johnstown

    The Second "Cumming" of Deebo!

    A return of biblical proportions. Where were you @Deebo ?
  16. Johnstown

    Would you allow a webcam to broadcast from your casket for 50 years after your death?

    Let's say the deal is....the webcam covers your burial and funeral expenses (including casket and expensive tombstone). They also give you 10,000 dollars now... Your family can visit your grave like normal...if they don't want to "see you rot" all they need to do is not visit the webpage...
  17. Johnstown

    Peter McNeeley Come Back

    Not even gonna post this in the boxing section. Anyhow...
  18. Johnstown

    The AT&T Girl

    I'd seriously suck a wet fart out of her ass. She has a girl next door cuteness but the pretty level is very high combined with the body of a soaking wet vagina having sex goddess.
  19. Johnstown

    Can You Handle This?

    Well...can you?
  20. Johnstown

    Is MrTony88 back?

    He used "Hm" to express a moment of though. Most people use at least three or more of the letter m. So hmmm or hmmmm racist guy uses hm as well.