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  1. sosolid4u09

    Wilder officially blames his entrance on fury defeat

    Apparently it was too heavy and he had no legs as a result I think this tops toegate for the worst excuse in heavyweight title fight history
  2. sosolid4u09

    Will fury offer aj 50/50?

    Is this a new obstacle now? Will fury force aj to take 60/40?
  3. sosolid4u09

    Tete's WBO belt post WBSS pullout

    I may be missing something blindingly obvious, but why does Tete still hold his wbo belt, despite him pulling out of the wbss due to injury? Wasn't the point that the belts stay in the tournament? I dont remember Donaire vs Young being for the WBO belt? What went on back then?
  4. sosolid4u09

    Saunders signs for Matchroom

    According to Fat Dan via his twitter. I think we all expected this but it'll be interesting to see where billy goes next
  5. sosolid4u09

    Why does DAZN need Hearn?

    They've managed to secure Golovkin, Canelo and got a hell of a lot closer to getting wilder than hearn ever did. AJ is on a fight by fight deal. Do they really need to give hearn a 1 billion dollar warchest? How much return on investment will they get with hearns usa stable? If they could get AJ...
  6. sosolid4u09

    Wilder in talks with dazn

    Interesting. Multi fight deal apparently. If this happens where does this leave whyte and fury? Is wilder simply trying to pressure showtime into a better deal?
  7. sosolid4u09

    Re Joshuas Sky Deal - What happens if they lose a purse bid?

    Hearn keeps saying that there is absolutely no way contractually, that AJ can box anywhere other than Sky. What happens if there's a purse bid and they lose?
  8. sosolid4u09

    Place to download/watch fights the next morning

    Hi guys Gonna be on a flight during wilder fury. Is there somewhere i can go to watch /download the fight an hour or two after its finished?
  9. sosolid4u09

    Where did Tony Bellew get this reputation as a warrior?

    Serious question. The perception seems to be that this guy puts his heart and soul into every fight and never ever gives up and keeps coming. As Nelson said, you have to chop his arms and legs off to stop him. How did he get this reputation? I dont remember him having earnt it. He talks a good...
  10. sosolid4u09

    IFL Interview Haye and Chisora - I think i'm done with IFL

    Tried to sit through kugans new interview with Chisora and Haye. I couldn't last. I think I'm done with Kugan Cassius. Hes just constantly shit stirring and talking politics. Im so bored of it now. He asks Haye what he'll bring to Chisoras camp. he gave a long detailed answer spanning several...
  11. sosolid4u09

    Canelo signs with DAZN

    Just read it on the bbc. 273m deal apparently. Massive massive scoop. Oscar scoffed at the suggestion of signing with DAZN a few days ago. Big news for hearn
  12. sosolid4u09

    Deontay wilder 1hr interview with ifltv

    Listened to an hour of the guy talking.... and i dont remember a single thing he said. Will gladly never listen to another interview of his. Talking absolute rubbish and contradicting himself sentence to sentence. Hes that typical unarticulate, simple american athlete with a tough upbringing...
  13. sosolid4u09

    David Price Interview - Genuinely worried about the geezer

    Latest Interview with Kugie. I'm worried he's really starting to lose the plot. He's talking about how he's fresh as a daisy, had his career best performance, if he gets knocked out again "we'll cross that bridge when we come to is". He also goes off on those saying he should retire. It's all...
  14. sosolid4u09

    Tyson fury has lost himself

    Anyone else feel tysons lost his flair and personality? I used to find him genuinely funny, articulate and sometimes even insightful. But in the last two years he really has become a circus act, a parody of himself. Hes bought into the "im whacky and crazy" spiel and everything he says and does...
  15. sosolid4u09

    Anyone else feel a powershift in the AJ/Hearn relationship?

    I feel like for the last 6-12 months, there's been a dramatic powershift in their relationship, which is to be expected given AJ's status and how he's close to the end of his deal with matchroom. Watching recent interviews it really feels like AJ is not entirely happy with the splits he has had...
  16. sosolid4u09

    Whyte vs Pulev IBF final eliminator

    called by the ibf today. Who wins this? Should whyte go down the wbc/wba route? This is a good fight imo and i would back Pulev to win this
  17. sosolid4u09

    Goku vs jiren in 8 minutes.......

    Anyone into dragon Ball super? This shit needs a RBR
  18. sosolid4u09

    So why are there so many official aj parker tickets available?

    So there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of official aj parker tickets available on stubhub. Face value. Aj vs pulev and aj vs wlad were sold out in minutes apparently...... As soon as theres a proposed crackdown on secondary ticket sales, we see an aj stadium fight (with his profile higher...
  19. sosolid4u09

    Bellew vs Haye presser

    Haye playing is cool and humble not biting on Bellews insults. Bellend is actually coming across quite petty. Its so obvious he's trying to get a reaction out of Haye who's not biting. Haye is cracking me up actually. U just know he hates him but he's going OTT to come across humble Video
  20. sosolid4u09

    AJ: "Tyson get fit you fat fuck"

    Koogie loves these inside jokes with the fighters. You have to give it to him. Like him it or not he's seriously wormed himself deep into the British Boxing scene!