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    Best Journeymen/Away Fighters

    Anthony Fox got another very good win last night. The result reminded me that I need to do an updated version of a piece I've been doing the last couple of years on away fighters/journeymen. Have been picking out the opponents that always come to win and are actual good tests for prospects...
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    Stephen McAfee v Colin O'Donovan 2

    Main card in Ireland this weekend is a small hall show but we're trying to do something a bit different. 'Celtic Clash 5' at Good Counsel GAA club in Drimnagh, Dublin. Only 650ish capacity but we're giving it a proper big push despite the headliners having just six fights between them. The...
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    Ireland's Last Man Standing - March 3rd, Dublin

    Felt this deserved a thread of its own. Prizefighter-format eight-man middleweight-ish tournament (165lbs with a 10lb rehydration clause). National Stadium (capacity 2,000) in Dublin on Saturday March 3rd. Big (and frontloaded) prize money on offer: Winner – €25,000 Winner’s Amateur Club –...
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    BoxNation Belfast Show: June 17th - Paddy Barnes WBO European, Ormond-Evans, Jamie Conlan

    New BoxNation show announced this evening, Waterfront Hall again Paddy Barnes looks to be the headliner, fighting for the WBO European. Talk a few months ago of a fight with Kevin Satchell, hopefully is him or someone else of a high level as the WBO European isn't always a guarantee of quality...