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    IS this forum still the old ESB crew ? Check in if so

    Been away long time just wondering ?
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    so hearn announced he sold all the martin v joshua tickets in 90mins he likes to thank his partners stubhub surly there's ramifications for this obvious scam
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    Is Hughie & Young Fury JUICED to the back teeth ?

    Check all the acne on both !
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    Khan is not a 2 time worlds champion

    Unification of 2 alphabet belts was never called being a 2 time worlds champion in the past. Khan is not a 2 time worlds champion.:patsch He's a former 140lb champ nothing more. If counting belts is the new merhod then by my reckoning Evander Holyfield is 11 times champ lol what nonsense
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    Jay Nady reffed in Russia , let's put him in a Wlad fight

    see jay nady put a quick to wachs holding of povetkin, we need this man in a wlad fight at this point he did a magnificent job of shutting down John Ruiz holding as well he's clearly a ref that will travel now and stops hugfests so brings more out the fighters thoughts
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    Eubank and Hearn are a JOKE

    BULLSHIT as crowd says this is what you pay a high monthly subscription to sky for? then PPV for half decent fights garbage
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    Where the hell is IKE ?

    He did the 14 years was supposed to be released last year, yet nothing.#There was a rumour that he is now in an immigrant detention center awaiting deportation but ...nothing does anybody actually know theres nothing on google.
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    Mosley v Mayorga looking to be cancelled

    Shane admits it's looking bad in court. King did this before for a Ricardo MMA fight He waits till a small time promoter (mosley promotions in this case) builds the fight sells it pays for tv advertising, gets a TV deal, pays press conferences etc hundreds of thousands THEN he moves...
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    mickey rourke rd 1 over its CLEAR

    mickey rourkes whole career consists of fake fights
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    ffs foster

    britsh stoppage king give the man a chance ffs
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    British govenment refuses to renew Anthony Smalls passport
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    Laurence Cole Insurance

    Check out this easy to recognise URL: :) I found a link on blogtalk radio discussing his companies his father and himself as being a refereee, this is from 3 years ago but very interesting...
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    My neighbour is f**king pissed

    Up watching the charlo rosado fight its about 3am here and I hear this banging.. neighbour cant get in the door fumbling for keys staggerbacked back the entire lenght of his garden curing to himself loudly , this guy cant walk anything remotley close to a straight line. Starts bangin the...
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    Mean Joe Greene

    Mean Joe Greene What happened to him ? Where did he go ? Another potential just dropped off the matt ?
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    Pulev and Zelenoff on twitter pretty funny stuff
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    Why was Khan on his KNEES against Garcia

    ... and why did he crawl on the ring floor ?
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    ifilm london changes name

    ifilm london changes name Kuhan said they had to why
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    Stevens GGG- the ropes

    the ropes for the main event had GGG and K2 all over the top and bottom ropes is that taking physcological warfare too far, you opponents name all round the ring ? thoughts
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    Buncey being a Warren stooge

    Buncey being a Warren stooge damn he is good at his job combined thinking the Chisora BS stoppage was "slow motion" Boxnation need to reevaluate keeping this idiot on their channel if they want a yes man they need a better convincing one !
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    He WAS up at 9

    agree with corner