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    Poll: Is Teofimo Lopez the UNDISPUTED Lightweight Champion?

    Or does he need to beat Devin Haney first before he can claim that title legitimately? Was having this debate with someone earlier today but could not agree on it in the end so thought I'd see what you guys think of the situation we got here. Only the WBC could cause this kind of headache in...
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    What are some of the scorecards you get stick for

    We know that scoring is subjective but there are some standards we have to stick to, one example is the winner of the round must get 10 points under normal circumstances. Another is punches landed score, punches missed or blocked don't. But from time to time despite our adherence to the agreed...
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    Undefeated fighter who shouldn't be undefeated (Past or Present)

    We know how important that undefeated record has become to some fighters and their promoters in the modern era of boxing but who do you think should not have retired with that 0 or which active fighter shouldn't have it today? So simply put, who got a gift or gifts enabling their undefeated...
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    Best of Britain (Referees)

    I've been reading the comments on the IJL thread and I see he's not too popular in these parts but if Fury vs Joshua happened in the UK and a British referee was overseeing it which would you prefer? Or put simply, who is your favourite British ref at the moment?
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    "This is a SFW only lounge". OK but what does SFW mean?

    There's a warning upon entering this lounge which reads "This is a SFW only lounge. Any NSFW material of any kind will result in a warning, repeat offences will trigger a ban " but I'm new here and I don't know what those acronyms even mean and I've been thinking about what it could stand for...
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    Explain what Sportsbookie is and how it works

    I signed up 3 days ago but I still can't work out what this sportsbookie is, there's a thread explaining how to add content but nothing about the mechanism of its operation or how to participate etc. Would be helpful to newbies to explain in detail what it's all about as I'm intrigued but...