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    Promoter suspended for 6 months over drunk ring card girl Boxing just isn't the fun it used to be.
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    Trump in quarantine after top aide tests positive

    I read this here in another thread but think it needs it's own thread.
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    911 - it is the 19th anniversary

    It seems more like yesterday than 19 years ago. The images of those planes hitting those buildings etched is in your mind forever.
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    AJ and the all too gushy MILF radio interviewer Amanda Holden left listeners cringing when the 49 year old mother of two flirted on air with Anthony Joshua in a radio interview on Heart. “Look after that pretty face or I’ll kill him myself.” Shut the...
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    Another illfated comeback in the making

    Six years retired heavyweight Ondrej Pala has a date with destiny later this month against Filip Hrgovic. May his time pass quickly.
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    White chocolate looks tasty

    (no homo)
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    Andrew Selby in court on weapon and drugs charges The headline sounds a bit worse than it is. But Andrew in a spot of bother.
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    Broner jailed So idiot Adrien Broner has been sentenced to seven days in jail for violating probation in his sexual assault...
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    Dillian Whyte : My outfit was too heavy

    I am calling it.
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    Hearn releases his inner Caroline - sings Aint No Sunshine

    Here's a man in danger of tripping over his own ego.
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    Caption this picture

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    Trump's brother "very ill"

    President Trump's brother Robert is in hospital and his condition being described as "very ill". So far no explanation has been offered for what he is suffering from. Robert Trump is in his early 70s.