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    I got a real problem here and its my penis

    I came here to discuss it, because there is no other place to really got some real intelligent insight on a very sensitive topic about male health, anatomy, and penis shaming/bullying. And all of this is a 100% real, no bullshit and I have had this occur on different occasions but this type...
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    Have you ever been killed or dead?!?

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    It's Always Sunny Philadelphia ... any good after season 4?

    I watched this show up until the end of the 4th season. I just got busy and really just didnt make the time to catch up on the series. It's like, after watching the Nightman episode back then, I just figured it could never get any better than this and this was its peak. So, I am wondering, is it...
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    Product placement for Wlad

    After thinking a bit, his hugfest of a performance may have left us all with a bad taste in our mouth and really gave boxing a black eye that night, for people who were expecting the sweet science and action, but got a masterful display of Greco-Roman wrestling -- all this may not end too bad...
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    Would you allow your bird to do this to you, if she caught you with another chick??

    As the title suggests: This guy needs to pick his balls up, crying n shit like a lil biootttch. I have to say though, this is an example of Asians being a lot smarter than the rest of us, at least Asian women vs American...