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    Post a Pic of Yourself

    shit man i havent been here actively for a while. I remember you, you were with a tranny a while ago. i forgot how weird this place used to be, or was that ESB back in the day.
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    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

    I'm looking to invest myself as well, i have a bit to invest atm, but need some real advice on it.
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    realizing that you are old

    honestly ive aged well. I looked super young at every age, in my 30's I look early to min 20s now lol.My tendons in my legs are much tighter tho... random knee pains... well more so the quad tendon that connects to the tibila. Honestly the only thing im worried about are my knees.I feel my age...
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    Did anybody post the black guy slamming old lady?

    time to go to youtube and read the comment section, which is the only highlight of the video.
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    Did anybody post the black guy slamming old lady?

    Why do you think God gave this world the white man? To keep them blacks supervised, otherwise they'll be jumping around with their BBC's around water, looking for old people to throw in them.
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    The Official New Hip Hop Thread

    before it gets taken down, one of the greatest tracks Kendrick ever made, Duckworth is one of the greatest storytelling records in the history of rap, period.
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    Lol it not being better than TPAB is not a fing negative. That's his magnum corpus, you only get one of those. DAMN is a solid Album. Some of the best tracks he has ever made are on this album... and that is not even a joke, the highlights are super high. Nothing, TO ME, that Kendrick has made...
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    TOP TRACKS for me, Duckworth (one of the best storytelling tracks in Hip hop, if you are a hip hop fan and you say you think this track is wack, you're a fucking liar), Fear, Feel, DNA.... I've also come to really like XXX. Element is great too, but the former I really really like. Least...
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    lol I fuck with Love. I like the melody, it's dope. Loyalty is OKAY, not really feeling it.
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    I didnt like King Kunta... thats probably the only track off TPAB that i wasnt really feeling, it felt sort of random in the track listing, because the ones fit so well with the poem and ideas of the album.
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    Section 80 is the album he is spitting the most on and it had a more universal message. DAMN, honestly, he is spitting like its 2011.
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    "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar (Album Title/Tracklist Reveal)

    yall buggin TPAB was an amazing album... and musically that album is spectular... i'd buy that shit if it didnt have any rapping on it. but with that said, it's super cohesive and super thought out, to the point where, I dont find myself listening to individual tracks... honestly, I did some...
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    Hopkins Looks Bad.........Why Is He Fighting Again?

    For a man who would never lose to a white boy, he's made a history out of it lol.
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    Roy Jones is the Greatest Fighter I've ever Seen

    I dont think you understand what losing that amount of muscle in a short period of time, does to you. sure it was his fault, regardless. I think it had an affect, but it doesnt matter, when you sign the for the fight, you gotta let all that go and find a way to win, the first night he did, the...
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    Roy Jones is the Greatest Fighter I've ever Seen

    Tommy, honestly, the James toney weight excuse is the worst one ever. Toney was basically weight drained, to some degree, every fight he had at 160 and 168, the guy, I dont think, was ever truly comfortable at those weights, he was normally, back in his high school football days 200+. So he was...
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    RIP Aaron Pryor

    one of the greatest Japanese fighters to ever step in the ring.
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    Golovkin has no head movement, none

    honestly, GGG looks vulnerable at close range, I dont know how good of an infighter he is, honestly. He sort of looks loss at that range, at times. GGG needs some space to be really effective, if you get into that space where he can be effective, he will get you all day before you break. I think...
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    Respect to Kell Brook.

    he wasnt all over the place, but he was in a bad spot, his back was against the ropes, he was defending, but he wasnt throwing anything back. he couldve been weathering the storm, but honestly he shouldve held on more in the round if that was the case. it seemed like he didnt want to fight...
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    The Mandela effect

    rofl. the north/south korea part LOL.
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    ***The Official Hip Hop Thread***

    This dude Denzel Curry is raw, damn.