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  1. alternative hypothesis

    Now claims that Fury's gloves were tampered with

    The excuse train is running on a full head of steam. The latest claim is Tyson Fury's gloves were tampered with.
  2. alternative hypothesis

    Deontay Wilder, Jay Deas and Shelly Finkel media conference call

    Deontay Wilder sat down with his trainer, Jay Deas, and manager, Shelley Finkel, to take an international conference call with the media ahead of his rematch with Tyson Fury. Here is what they had to say :
  3. alternative hypothesis

    Percentage talk unimportant. If two men want to fight they will "Me and him (AJ) have to fight and I would like it to be in Las Vegas because it is the Mecca of boxing, where the biggest fights have happened for years. "I am not really interested in the business bulls*** of it all...
  4. alternative hypothesis

    Tank Davis shows public his true colours

    That's the mother of his children he is rag dolling.
  5. alternative hypothesis

    @NoContextHearn is where it's at

  6. alternative hypothesis

    Finland's new prime minister is 34 and female Finland has just nominated its youngest ever prime minister - who is aged just 34. Sanna Marin - currently Transport Minster for the country's Social Democrats - has been picked to lead the country's five-party...
  7. alternative hypothesis

    OTH is broken

    I can't even get OTH to load.
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    Dana White says Fury would get smashed in MMA and John Fury threatens to smash him UFC president Dana White has been warned to keep Tyson Fury’s name out of his mouth by his father, John. Fury uploaded a video of himself inside the octagon with Darren Till over the...
  9. alternative hypothesis

    Hearn says KSI-Paul did more pay-per-views in the UK than AJ-Ruiz Interesting
  10. alternative hypothesis

    Chavez misses test, he's out of Jacobs fight. Yet Whyte tests positive and is allowed to fight? WTF Hearn? WTF?
  11. alternative hypothesis

    OTH is members only

    Long time reader, no time poster at OTH. Well I used to be because if you are not a member you cannot get in anymore.
  12. alternative hypothesis

    Fury throws fights with AJ and Wilder into doubt saying he will NEVER fight in the UK “They [the UK] had their chance,” said Fury. “They didn’t treat me well. Over here [USA], I get treated like a superstar.”
  13. alternative hypothesis

    Tyson Fury heading into the jungle According to bookies, Tyson, 31, had a gap in his schedule and a book to promote. A spokesperson said: “The name Tyson Fury is on everyone’s lips at the moment and he’s not one to put up with any dossers. "Getting...
  14. alternative hypothesis

    Joshua says he”ll fight another 5-10 years even if he loses Ruiz rematch “He told me on the global tour that even if he loses, he’s going to fight another 5 to 10 years. There’s no talk of retirement or anything. He really wants to fight for a long, long time".
  15. alternative hypothesis

    underground fight club involving dementia patients Three women have been charged with creating a makeshift fight club at an elderly care facility in North Carolina. Their fighters were the dementia patients...
  16. alternative hypothesis

    Tyrone Sprong tests positive but that's just the beginning of his problems.. PARKLAND, FLA. (WSVN) - A heavyweight boxing champion faces almost two dozen charges after his cougar escaped from his home in a Parkland neighborhood. The cougar was found sunning itself on a...
  17. alternative hypothesis

    Gervonta says "catch up suckers" over his £5m jewelry collection and someone promptly steals it

    Gervonta Davis claims jewelry has been stolen from his home in California just hours after boasting about his £5million collection of chain and watches. He paraded his valuables on Instagram and told his followers to "catch up suckers". Then... "Yo somebody broke into my house here in Cali and...
  18. alternative hypothesis

    The little blonde standing behind Tyson Fury

    Nice little blonde standing behind Tyson Fury during his speech after the fight. Just saying.