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    Conncting 3 centuries

    Lets try a little trivia question: Who can come up with the shortest (fewest names) chain of connected boxers, that spans 3 centuries? (first man in the chain must have at least 1 fight in the 19th century - and the last at least 1 in the 21st century)
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    Trivia: Weight gain

    Which boxer gained the most weight from his 1st to his 2nd world title fight?
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    Trivia: 25 consecutive years

    2014 saw 2 boxers gain membership to the "25 consecutive years club". Hopkins was one - but who was the other?
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    Trivia: Teenage sensation, early burnout.

    I turned pro at 17 and won my first 25 fights - 23 by knockout! At 18 I suffered my first 2 defeats - back-to-back against 2 future HOFers. I scored my last win at 20, and retired at 22 after 5 defeats (4 inside) in a row. Who am I?
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    Trivia: Long career, but never a champ.

    I boxed professionally in 4 different decades and 26 different calendar years. I had a total of 3 world title fights (recognized by BoxRec): ... the 1st when I was in my 20s. ... the 2nd when I was in my 30s. ... and the last when I was in my 40s. Who am I? Answer: Bash Ali
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    Louis' title opponents vs Wlad's title opponents

    So far, Wladimir Klitschko has been involved in 24 world title bouts over a period of almost 12 years - so I thought it might be interesting to compare his 24 title foes to date, with Louis' first 24 title opponents, over a similar (or reasonably close to it) time-span. If we made the 24 "dream"...
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    Angel Robinson Garcia's return to Cuba?

    When Garcia's career was over, he apparently ended up in Paris, where - with not a penny to his name - he is said to have lived in the streets. As the story goes, French actor Jean Paul Belmondo one day spotted the destitute boxer and offered to help him. At this point Garcia was in very poor...
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    Why am I being restricted to just one line?

    This post can be only one line long, as I'm unable to get to the 2nd line. Any explanation for this?