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  1. OldBoy

    Fantasy Football League 18/19 FPL

    To Salah or not to Salah is the question. Join my Fantasy Premier League private league: League Code: 152558-31725
  2. OldBoy

    Evil Genius: The True Story Of America’s Most Diabolical Bank

    Anyone watched this? The new Making A Murderer. Its on Netflix now, I'm 2 episodes into, Enjoying the direction.
  3. OldBoy

    CHB Killer Crypto Challenge- $100 to $312,500k

    Any up for a CheckHookBoxing Killer Crypto Challenge? Of Turning $100 into $312,500 Thousand? The Rules: We start with $100. We pick a promising coin that can go x5.... We then sell it at x5... We put our profits into another promising x5... Do this step 5 times... When we are done, We cash...
  4. OldBoy

    Eminem New Song... WTF / Revival thoughts

    WTF is this shit...... Sell out
  5. OldBoy

    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency like Litecoin and Bitcoin?
  6. OldBoy

    Williams vs Smyle 2! July 8th

    Cant wait for this fight. Think it deserves its own thread. 1st Fight was easily British Fight Of The Year (2017) and its only May! Glad to see the 2nd fight made for July 8th. A British Gatti vs Ward. Cant they just fight on every Frank Warren show.
  7. OldBoy

    New Home PC Suggestions

    Need a decent PC mainly for Word Documents, Internet browsing, Downloading. Budget £300-£500
  8. OldBoy

    Blade Runner 2049

  9. OldBoy

    Messi: God of Football, Are we Worthy?

    Messi: God of Football, Are we Worthy? Seems to me Messi is getting better and better, it seems impossible but some how he's doing it, He is putting in all time great performances on a weekly basis now. At the moment no player comes close, The only thing we can do right now is compare him with...
  10. OldBoy

    is The Walking Dead Trash TV or worth watching?

    All the TV casuals talk about it, I can look past the bad acting, but it seems one of those shows that will outstay its welcome, can see it going on till everyone is sick of it. Season 30 and shit. So is it worth my precious time watching it?
  11. OldBoy

    Carl Froch considering comeback for GGG superfight

    What Do you think of this? Bullshit? Carl Froch could make a sensational return to the ring to fight Gennady Golovkin . The former world super-middleweight king retired last year and has not fought since he...
  12. OldBoy

    Best Ways/Trades to earn a decent wage without a Degree?

    So I want to quit my shitty job. Whats the best way to earn a decent wage without going to University?
  13. OldBoy

    Dr Tony Xia Buys Aston Villa & Now Richer Then Man City

    New Owner worth 27 Billion, His Company Recon is worth 100 Billion Aston Villa new owner - Dr Tony Xia estimated wealth £27bn Man City owner - Sheikh Mansour estimated wealth £20bn Not sure how true this is! seems like a mystery man
  14. OldBoy

    Vinyl Official Thread. HBO's New Show. No Spoilers.

    "A New York music executive in the late 1970s hustles to make a career out of the city's diverse music scene." This looks awesome. Starts Sunday February 14 at 9PM In the US on HBO, 15 February AT 9PM In the UK on Sky Atlantic. Directed by the great Martin Scorsese. Created by Terence...
  15. OldBoy

    Most anticipated movies of 2016

    What are your Most anticipated movies of 2016? here are some of mine: 1) Silence (Martin Scorsese) - "In the seventeenth century, two Jesuit priests face violence and persecution when they travel to Japan to locate their mentor and propagate Christianity." Ive watched the Japanese Version...
  16. OldBoy

    Casual P4P Rankings

    Current Casual P4P Rankings: 1. 'AJ' 2. Anthony Joshua. 3. David Haye. 4. Anthony Joshua MBE. 5. Future world champion Callum Smith. 6. Chris Eubank Jr 7. Kell Brook. 8. Tyson Fury. 9. Paul Smith 10. Dilian Whyte The Ring P4P Rankings: 1. Roman Gonzalez 2. Sergey Kovalev 3...
  17. OldBoy

    World In Shock! RIP Pat Brooker AKA Nanny Pat What a shock, First Michael Jackson, THEN Robin Williams, Steve Jobs, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Gandolfini, Now bloody Nanny Pat has died! The world will moan. RIP to a superstar
  18. OldBoy

    Happy Back To The Future Day

    Great Scott! Who would of thought Check Up Boxing lounge would come true in 2015! The Greatest Film ever made
  19. OldBoy

    Roman Gonzalez- Can he match/beat the Mayweather and Rocky Marciano 49/0

    Im a big fan of Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez, Hes One of the best fighters in the world IF not the BEST Hes Currently 43-0(37KO). Can he beat the 49-0 record? If he does would the media give a shiT? I see he fighting on the GGG undercard once again
  20. OldBoy

    Nasser Al Harbi

    hes fighting again soon, He was meant to fight Frankie Gavin at one fight, and be in prizefighter? I remember the classic threads about this guy on eastside and boxrec forums Do you think he will come good ?