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  1. VinoVeritas

    Jay ... Something's wrong with the search function ...

    ... I remember about a year or two ago you encouraging everyone to start two threads a day so this forum would start kicking on. Just did a search and haven't found any of your threads. You need to sack your host if they can't get a basic search sorted right.
  2. VinoVeritas

    Yellow & Black!!!

  3. VinoVeritas

    The Vino v Johnstown Chess Express

    So, for those who don't know, a while back Downstown challenged any and all to a 1 minute chess game. I accepted. This was the result Do you wanna play again, @Johnstown
  4. VinoVeritas

    Carry on from the other thread where ...

    ... Chacal said: " when we don't ban him it's unfair and we are giving him preferencial treatment because we are SJW's who don't think racism against whites exist, and when we do ban him it's protecting him from the forum members? Madness. Where does this theory come that we are protecting...
  5. VinoVeritas

    Are the Mods protecting MW by ...

    ... banning him. We were all ready to unload on MW for his latest racist diatribes but certain mods keep protecting him. Is this the start of the 4th Reich?
  6. VinoVeritas

    Serbian Statehood Day

    Having a few drinks tonight to finish up two days of celebrations. Will have some more later this year to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Serbian flag flying over the White House.
  7. VinoVeritas

    Milosevic Not Guilty ...

    ... says the ICTY. Yep, he was not a part of a joint criminal enterprise. And he condemned ethnic cleansing. Ten years after his death he has been exonerated and the historical record has been rightfully corrected. Told you all so. No surprise the mainstream media is quiet in this.