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  1. bjl12

    Who are the Gutsiest Fighters?

    Amir Khan is without a doubt one of the ballsiest fighters. Some people will cry about this and that, but he always comes to fight and he was previously known as the Road Warrior (before losing to LP in controversial fashion). Khan does not sit on belts and celebrity status to demand...
  2. bjl12

    Surprise, surprise - little g being a little bitch AGAIN

    Tom Loeffler (little g's promoter) is seriously entertaining the idea of little g fighting Kell Brook at 157 catchweight. The little g brigade - once again - look like fucking imbeciles. I confess to getting a kick out of making them look silly, but it's honestly effortless. Common sense...
  3. bjl12

    Predictions Saturday - Ward v Barrera

    The consensus pick is obviously Ward UD, but does anyone have any specific predictions? Ward suffers 2nd KD of career? Ward blasts Barrera out the park? Ward looks strong at the weight? Or...Ward looks 33 years old. Ward has slowed down...Ward is not a strong LHW...Ward's power is seriously...
  4. bjl12

    Ward v Barrera Two Weeks Out - Discuss

    I am majorly stoked for this one. Majorly, majorly, majorly stoked. Anyone else looking forward?
  5. bjl12

    Pac has allegedly passed on Khan and is considering Bradley 3 or Crawford

    I for one could not be happier - not to sound resentful - that entitled ass twat Khan't won't get the fight. Couldn't be happier. Manny's last fight and if it's Bradley or Crawford it's already miles ahead of Berto so I accept whoever he picks. Besides it's a farewell fight. Khan will go...
  6. bjl12

    Freddy Roach is a Shit Trainer

    Here I have a source: Floyd Mayweather It's funny because I said this shit exactly last week, but faggot ass Bogo banned me because I insulted his homoerotic crush. Roach is a...
  7. bjl12

    So what happens to Fuckstick Cockroach?

    Now that he's been wrong about a zillion times and will be wrong a zillion more. In the past few years he's lost every meaningful fight he's been involved with. JCC Jr. lost his career against Sergio (Cockroach blamed Jr.) Khan lost controversially to LP and then got THUMPED in a career ending...
  8. bjl12

    Floyd Mayweather spends lots of money

    Just look at the way he's wasting his money. Couple that with the fact that he can't leave boxing interviewers alone and needs to talk about Adrien Broner, GGG, or Andre addition to his literally "throwing thousands of dollars around". He'll be back. And it won't be good for him...
  9. bjl12

    How would Froch v GGG @ 168 have gone?

    Would GGG have walked through Froch as easily as he has disposed of the MW fighters? It's clear as day that nobody GGG has fight yet is anything more than a B or B- level fighter. Froch was obviously in a different class, both literally and figuratively, than all of those guys. Froch with his...
  10. bjl12

    I'm no Doctor...but should someone REALLY be fighitng with THAT eye???

    It is visibly distorted since the orbital bone was reset in a way designed to keep the eye in place on his face...not to get punched repeatedly. Thoughts? Oh and it's not just the picture...all of his pics look like this. This one just shows it straight up His jawn is bad tho
  11. bjl12

    What's the deal with Andre Ward

    Is he or isn't he on the Canelo/Cotto card? It would be bomb as shit if he is, but I hear he's kind of being a baby and asking for PPV %. He needs to shut up and take the exposure and stay active. Seriously disappointing he doesn't just fucking fight. . .
  12. bjl12

    Mayweather vs Berto All Access Epilogue Preview (Full Episode Added)

    Some of you may have already seen this - and regardless of your views on the particular fighter - the moment is touching. I honestly believe the man has ridden off into the sunset
  13. bjl12

    Any chance we see Pac, Floyd, Cotto, etc. like this?

    Shane Mosley is already leading the broke lifestyle...could we see the next era's greats do the same? Pac, Floyd, and Cotto ***SHOULD*** be set financially, but could we see them go broke? And out of shape like RJJ for a tune-up sparring match in a decade or so? I don't see Ward doing this...
  14. bjl12

    Concerned about Floyd's Mental State

    Floyd Mayweather v Andre Berto - PPV Pricing: 65$ for standard PPV and 75$ for HD The dude is clearly deluded or on fucking drugs.
  15. bjl12

    Does anyone care about Pac's career the rest of the way?

    Similar to Floyd, there's nothing Pac could do - practically speaking - to enhance his legacy. The Canelo fight @ 154 looms, but Pac ain't going anywhere near that. Aside from that, he's...just there. And in all likelihood he'll probably "come back" and fight some of these green guys and then...
  16. bjl12

    New NSAC Doping Penalties

    This has probably been posted before but this is really motivating. Doping/cheating is a major issue in the sport (Hell, Pacman made a career out of avoiding testing) and these penalties DIRECTLY address the issue. According the new standards, fighters like Manny/JCC Jr., Lamont Peterson/Andre...
  17. bjl12

    Hypothetical Rematch

    Would anyone even buy it?
  18. bjl12

    Serious Post - Anyone think Floyd might be Throwing the Fight?

    He's Money May after all, but his behavior leading up to the fight has been interesting. I haven't really outright heard him say: "I'm going to win this fight". It's very peculiar. Mayweather is the ultimate competitor so it's strange seeing him soooo extremely passive. The incentive for...
  19. bjl12

    Pac's "GRAND" Arrival

    Reminds me of that boxing camp Floyd visited in Africa...where the photos were staged or "carefully" taken to make it look like the audience was larger than it actually was. There are like what, 80-100 people in attendance for Pac's "GRAND" arrival? Half of those people are media or part of...
  20. bjl12

    Any Updates on the Press Conference and/or TV specials??

    I know there's only going to be one LA press conference, but when is it? Why is the coverage, yet again, so shitty for a Floyd fight. I don't think he understands that short notice means no time for setting things up and allowing them to work (i.e., Canelo event). Also, only one city is shit...