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  1. DobyZhee

    Playing with kids..

    Is it memorable? Does the end justify the means.. Have we sunk to a new low. so that’s the neighbors kids. I was freakin stoned and we watched Mandalore Current season and I was the little girl with the two lightsabers..and we fought.
  2. DobyZhee

    What’s your favorite kind of donut

    Old fashioned donut for me. Cant get enough of them... you?
  3. DobyZhee

    What is your Go To Breakfast everyday?

    For me, a banana or 2, an old fashioned donut and a large coffee from 7-11..5 creamers and 5 sugar cane sugar packets. Been eating it everyday since I started new job at a warehouse..
  4. DobyZhee

    Define the word “faggotry”

  5. DobyZhee

    WAP greatest song since Me so Horny 2 Live Crew?

    This song is freaking hawt..
  6. DobyZhee

    If and when your country goes to shit, is there another country you want to move to?

    Seriously thinking about leaving the United States. I just want to start all over in a foreign country. I’ve travelled with my mother to everywhere except East Asia and Africa. So tell me, are you guys planning on moving to another country or are you guys staying and weathering it out?
  7. DobyZhee

    Girly music only!!

    Post songs that you like posted by women or girls that sing lead in a song..
  8. DobyZhee

    Losing weight aka the diet thread

    4 years ago, I was in top shape. Today, I’m a lil fat in the stomach area. I’ll chalk it up to old age and metabolism slowing down. the old saying, you are what you entirely true. are you dieting, do you watch what you eat or did that ship sail and you chalked it up to being happy...
  9. DobyZhee

    Who would you rather hang out with, Suge Knight or Colin Capernick?

    College football rivalry week. colin Kapernick went to UNR. Suge Knight was an offensive lineman at UNLV. So let’s hear it, who would you rather hang out with for some beers. the guy who originally started the Black Lives Matter movement or everyone’s favorite rap mogul.
  10. DobyZhee

    Rapper Nuke Bizzle arrested for defrauding California Unemployment program

    Well, people are starving and this guy decides to boast and brag about getting unemployment pandemic money using fraudulent identity.. I applaud the guy for milking the system but he used multiple identities to get his money. then he bragged about it in a rap video...
  11. DobyZhee

    Cancelling Halloween cause of Covid..

    I’m cool with it. hate to sound like a stickler but the US is big on Halloween. think about it, you do t have to buy candy and I haven’t for years.. some people are seriously losing their shit at not dressing up in a costume cause of Covid restrictions. what about you guys?
  12. DobyZhee

    Your fashion today..

    The high school fashion thread got me thinking... what do you wear today? I’ll wear a polo collared shirt...usually dry breathable of some sports team, jeans and adidas shell toe shoes. i fuckin hate the basic wear in your 40’s. polo shirts fuckin suck but it shows your age. iLl throw in a...
  13. DobyZhee

    How is you guy's healthcare?

    I have an HMO with my work and I have to do a 20 dollar copay to see a physician for my athsma. How much do you guys pay to see a doctor? Is it included in socialized healthcare where you live? Are you happy with the coverage? pros cons?
  14. DobyZhee

    Is Deebo Dead?

    Where is that fool. Seriously, what happened to the guy..
  15. DobyZhee

    Songs from the 2020’s-2030

    Only song I can listen to this decade...
  16. DobyZhee

    VMA Awards..what happened to this shit?

    This might be the worst award show of all time. it’s too political. Get out and vote (they’ve always been vocal about that aspect) Do you remember how old you were when MTV awards got too young for you? I do have to say it’s a pretty high budget show but they can’t compare to past awards when...
  17. DobyZhee

    If you could choose 1 ESB poster to join CHB, who would it be?

    I’m gonna go with Jack Presscot. this guy knew how to ruffle feathers. Fairly knowledgeable in all things whether it was boxing or the best movies from the 70’s, he was the total package. you?
  18. DobyZhee

    Methamphetamine use..ever tried it?

    I have a cousin who can’t shake the habit. He’s been using on and off since 1995 at least. Anyways, he asked if he can move in and he’ll pay rent. I personally can’t allow it. It seems that is his personal fight and I can’t help hum.. the girls who pegged me used to be meth addicts and are now...
  19. DobyZhee

    The Bills Thread

    No, not the football team. the paying bills thread. Dude, a grip of bills is due now that my mom is gone. So I gotta be an adult and start giving my hard earned money To these corporations And life this includes HOA,sewer bill, property tax, home security, directv, Internet. Phone bill, car...
  20. DobyZhee

    2 black musicians 2 white musicians 2 latino musicians 2 Asian people

    Bring them back from the dead and given them to live to 100...who you got? black: Rick James & Whitney Houston White: Ronnie James Dio..Steve Clark from Def Leppard Latino : Freddy Fender asian: I don’t f’n know