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  1. Hkbrit


    The movement is underway, tyrannical governments have crossed your civil liberties which the founding fathers fought and died for. Do not surrender Do not bend over for these tyrannical dictatorship "democratic governments" to place you under house arrest so they can destroy the economy!
  2. Hkbrit

    DWYER posting common sense on CoronaFRAUD

    But you lot keep sucking of the stazi deep state overlords
  3. Hkbrit

    The discontent is brewing, Civil war approaches

    With the UK government announcing lockdown will probably be AT LEAST 3 months, the tide of public opinion is ALREADY beginning to sway, the media fearmongering is beginning to have a bit less effect. Comment sections are slowly morphing from places of fear, to anger. Talk of riots and raids on...
  4. Hkbrit

    Us Military leaders are retreating into underground bunkers, CEO's are retreating to their boltholes

    They know something we don't, it's coming boys, I hope y'all are ready
  5. Hkbrit

    Will you complain when you and your families are living on the streets due to economy crash?

    What will you say when in a couple of years you are homeless with your kids and all the old people we killed the economy to save have died of natural causes anyway? Your children will pay for this I don't want to hear any complaints then
  6. Hkbrit

    UK 'Rona Death toll estimate drops from 500,000 to 5000 after 3 days of lockdown LOL

    Well what a surprise sarcasm If you seriously believe that they can reduce the death toll from 500,000 (their original estimate) to just 5,700 (their latest revised estimate) after only 4 days of lock down, then you are a monumental idiot. This is proof positive that they were lying through...
  7. Hkbrit

    Marvel introduces Non Binary heroes Snowflake and Safe Space
  8. Hkbrit

    The future of the UK: Endless Austerity

    What with Brexit and now Covid locking down the country for 3 months, the UK will endure a future of Endless Austerity measures and mass poverty.
  9. Hkbrit

    TRUMP will get America's economy rolling while rest of world locks down for months

    You'll see. In a few weeks America will reopen for business while the rest of the world hides from this cold, and goes bust, with small businesses collapsing, jobs vanishing by the millions and families driven into destitution, america will be business as usual. Liberal cucktards will cry as...
  10. Hkbrit

    So, when are the riots and looting starting?

    People are already losing jobs by the thousands, they are talking lock downs for weeks, millions possibly destituted. When is the mass scale civil unrest kicking off?
  11. Hkbrit

    Who on here played Final Fantasy 15

    Because I have been playing the "royal edition" on gamepass for the last few days, and seriously wtf is this game Square need to just go back to basics, because this is just getting stupid now. Ok it's "better" than 13 because it's open world but that's really not saying much. The story is...
  12. Hkbrit

    Brit/Ire CHB classic fight night?

    Could be something to do to get through the no boxing period where we watch and do a RBR of an old classic fight?
  13. Hkbrit

    Brit/Ire Boot on Fury's neck, Ben Davidson threatening voicemails released

    At 1:36 minutes to hear Ben Davidson threatening sparring partners for exposing Fury cheating
  14. Hkbrit

    Millennials are calling Coronavirus "The Boomer Remover"

    Boomers are outraged by this.
  15. Hkbrit

    Brit/Ire Farmer offered 25k to cover up Fury STEROIDS

    Fury defense force coming with their brooms to cover this up in 3,2,1...
  16. Hkbrit

    Brit/Ire Is Ben Davidson still a genius?

    Remember everyone slagging off Roach when he said he thought Davidsons gameplan (which was just Peter Fury's gameplan btw) was too defensive How do you think he felt when Fury draped the WBC title over Sugar Hills shoulder and hoisted him into the air. Davison learned that it takes more than a...
  17. Hkbrit

    Rate that girl: #1 Elizabeth Olsen

    I'll do these every few days with whatever girl I can think of, we will do a rankings board and find out who is the queen of CHB. Nominations welcome This week we start with the Olsen who got the best genetics, soon to star in her new Scarlet Witch TV show on Disney Plus. We don't have much to...
  18. Hkbrit

    Telegraph journo, Coronavirus killing off old people = good for the economy long term

    My man says a big enough cull of pensioners will result in $$$ for the rest of us
  19. Hkbrit

    Brit/Ire Heavyweight fights you'd like to see

    Robert Helenius and Charles Martin have both come in from the wilderness and shown they have life in them yet, I think those two would make for an entertaining undercard scrap There's loads of random matchups that could be made thatd be real interesting Also Luis Ortiz Vs Filip Hrgovic Tony...
  20. Hkbrit

    How much do you believe the mainstream media?

    Shows such as the news, current affairs shows etc, what's your level of trust in them?