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  1. SimonTemplar

    Has anyone used to buy Xbox games in the UK?

    Morning all, My eldest son is obsessed with Fifa (and is dragging his brothers along with them). Fifa 20 comes out next week, I want to get the Ultimate Edition for them, a download code version on Amazon is £90, but have it at £80. They have decent reviews on Trustpilot but I have...
  2. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Khan now fighting Billy Dibb!

    Kell Brook must look at Khan getting £7m to fight Billy Dib and wonder what the heck happened to his career.
  3. SimonTemplar

    Does anyone know why Billy Soose never defended the title?

    Apologies if this has been asked been covered before, but does anyone know why Billy Soose never defended the middleweight title having won it from Overlin? He only died a few years ago, so his health seems to have been okay?
  4. SimonTemplar

    CHB Funding

    Hi, first ever started thread, so go easy! Also, hope that I am not speaking out of turn with this, and that it is appropriate for this to be a public post rather than a PM, but I've started now so here goes... I saw the announcement of the five new Mods elected. I tried to add this there...