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  1. Decy

    The holy shit, my dick stopped working thread

    Being raped is the only thing that gets him hard.
  2. Decy

    Prince Philip Is Dead

    So close to getting a letter from his wife.
  3. Decy

    The roast-me thread

  4. Decy

    When did you first join ESB/CHB? And what was your user name? Best memories?

    Joined ESB in 2006 as Decy but had an account for a year or so before that.
  5. Decy

    Old lounge vet checking in

    Was it you that did the photoshops in the Ben Doughty thread?
  6. Decy

    Campbell Hatton (1-0) & Matchroom...

    FFS Cheeseman looks like the kid from a special school they included because it was a nice thing to do.
  7. Decy

    What are the best features of CHB? What are the worst?

    Any chance of creating a new forum just for Flint so he can post **** walks to work bullshit to his hearts content as an added bonus you could lock it so only Flint has access.
  8. Decy

    Just got engaged.

    Would you save her in an earthquake?
  9. Decy

    How Do You Rate Your Chances In A Wilderness Survival Situation?

    Was thinking more of using him as food fat little fuck has packed the pounds on lately.
  10. Decy

    How Do You Rate Your Chances In A Wilderness Survival Situation?

    As long as I had Doby with me I'd be fine.
  11. Decy

    Man punched to death while on bridge that crosses the strip

    Fuck read this as OnePunch was back.
  12. Decy

    The Football Thread

  13. Decy

    Flint Island walks to work.

  14. Decy

    Kelly Brook walks to work

    Some change in him since the Crawford fight.
  15. Decy

    LEWIS EILISS ..........."I have always said my tattoos tell my story".

    You should have bitch tattooed on your forehead just to make it official.
  16. Decy

    Be honest, what are you going to die of?

    Boredom after reading Trails drinking himself to death and Doby's found another way to demean himself online.
  17. Decy

    More than 73% of American adults are overweight or obese

    And 75% of that is Jonhstown.