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  1. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Whats next for Kell Brook ?

    I'd rather see him retire. Big fight to end on, has made his money and had nasty injuries, I hope he stops. I think he stops Khan but am not interested in seeing it, and can't see a route to a world title. So with the money and the injuries, why risk going on? He's 35 or something and was a...
  2. SimonTemplar

    Amir Khan (34-5) vs. Kell Brook (39-3)

    I fear Hearn would make this PPV even if it happened now, he's gone PPV crazy. Whyte-Povetkin would have been nowhere near PPV a few years ago. I'd rather this didn't happen as if Khan got a payday from it now it would vindicate his position that he was right to wait as the public are...
  3. SimonTemplar

    Amir Khan (34-5) vs. Kell Brook (39-3)

    Surely we have all lost interest in this fight, now?
  4. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire eBoxingPromoter - relaunching 17th July 2020

    Lol sorry I promise not to spend this incarnation of the game as your highest-maintenance promoter. Have just tried it and yes, can confirm that there was a decent amount waiting for me. It has let me transfer 500k to the promotion. So all looks good! Thank you very much (and apologies for...
  5. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire eBoxingPromoter - relaunching 17th July 2020

    Hello @Rooq. Long time no speak. Is the new version currently live? I logged in and it invited me to create a new promotion. I did so to test it, and it has let me, although my bank is at 180k. I don't know whether that is the standard starting amount? I thought we'd get the value of our...
  6. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Clinton Woods (42-5-1)...

    Must be the whiff of vodka martinis.
  7. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Clinton Woods (42-5-1)...

    Lol yes that is absolute proof that he's a good and calm man. You sound like a complete shambles, but we have all done it. Mrs Templar and I were at that fight, too (pre-kids, sigh...), incidentally. Mercifully she was wearing uncontroversial shoes and you met Woods first.
  8. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Clinton Woods (42-5-1)...

    Big fan here. Made absolutely the best of what he had, gave us some fun nights, we really enjoyed his Glenn Johnson period, got it all the way to a world title, loved watching his run. And he's a lovely bloke, too - a few years back, winter 2008, just before they announced the Cloud fight, my...
  9. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire DAZN launching in the U.K. (The end for SS/Matchroom)

    I missed this entirely (too many kids to home school, too much lockdown) so ironically thank you for posting!
  10. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Fury V Joshua Two Fight Deal Agreed

    Yes agreed. Made all the more ridiculous when there are videos of Wilder making a thing of training carrying 40lb of weight, yet they still give him a pass on the excuse. Entirely agree on the PPV - McGregor had a lot of fans making him favourite because he had meaner ink and a bigger, more...
  11. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Fury V Joshua Two Fight Deal Agreed

    I imagine a lot of Americans will have bought the whole 'my suit was too heavy, it made my legs tired' excuse, particularly when they saw him drop Fury in the first fight. So at least the third fight will leave no room for any debate, we're surely going to get an emphatic outcome, agreed by the...
  12. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Fury V Joshua Two Fight Deal Agreed

    Agree with you. Although - and I slightly hate myself for feeling this way - there's always that 'will Wilder land a haymaker shot?' element that keeps me curious about seeing Wilder rematching Fury. The sport has gone money crazy, though, it has been coming for a few years. I have never...
  13. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire British Top 10 P4P Last 30 Years..

    Looking at that list, I wouldn't even be confident that they mean the senior Eubank.
  14. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Fitzgerald suspended

    Justin Lee Collins could do some standup for them to break the ice, warm them up for Sergio.
  15. SimonTemplar

    Amir Khan (34-5) vs. Kell Brook (39-3)

    Yes when I said that I wished he had retired some years ago it was because we really used to be behind him and excited for his fights. Then latterly I just found it a bit cringy when he came out with all the same rhetoric and called things lucky punches when it was clear that he just wasn't...
  16. SimonTemplar

    Amir Khan (34-5) vs. Kell Brook (39-3)

    He has been a part-time celebrity fighter for a while, now. Doing the celebrity jungle at that point was an indicator. It has been a while since I would have made him favourite in any sort of competitive fight. The Brook fight was worth more money a little while back than it would be now, so...
  17. SimonTemplar

    Brit/Ire Billy Joe Saunders Boxing Licence Suspended

    I agree with you about the Board's inconsistency in the past - let's face it, I always agree with you - but the Board had no real choice here. He's now not only a world champ but also getting major mainstream headlines owing to the potential Canelo fight. So his platform and profile have shot...
  18. SimonTemplar

    So what's your self isolation hobbies?

    Trying to coax my old MG into life, trying to remember how to play blues on my Fender tele, becoming addicted to RDR2 online, becoming addicting to French serial killer dramas with Mrs Templar in the evenings, drinking more alcohol than I should. Oh, and home schooling four kids. Yesterday my...
  19. SimonTemplar

    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    I watched it as part of my Uni course. It's really good, a really worthwhile watch - not least because it is referenced (both visually and more specifically) in so many other films.