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    What are your favourite documentary series?

    The Battlefield Series on WW2 is excellent. Goes in to excruciating detail about the battles themselves whilst also providing enough context to the significance of the battle and wider war situation to give you a real sense of scale and importance. It's brilliantly narrated by the late Timothy...
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    Brits - is there too much gambling shit all over the TV?

    I've mentioned several times, I work for a huge gambling company, and in my mind absofuckinglutely there is. It's insane. Three quarters of Premier League sides have gambling sites as their sponsor, each sport itself is USUALLY sponsored by a gambling company, there are constant adverts in...
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    Things that you should love, but for some reason you can't

    I play EU4 and HOI4 but for some reason I struggle with CK. Tried several times but I just get lost. Don't get me wrong, I'm bad at the other games but I have some semblance of an idea what's going on.
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    Most Underrated Band Since 1980

    Don't agree with the Pixies, Smiths and Clash shouts. They're generally regarded as incredibly important, influential and great bands, even if they haven't sold tens of millions of records. Doolittle and The Queen Is Dead in particular are well recognised as ATG albums. London Calling is often...
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    Things that you should love, but for some reason you can't

    I'm agreeing to an extent with the football posts, though I do still enjoy watching games, I don't follow the sport religiously like I used to. But I'm not sure if that's just football or sports in general. I used to be a huge, huge boxing fan and I'd stay up to watch until 5am to watch pretty...
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    Things that you should love, but for some reason you can't

    I've had a similar problem. People say that once you get used to it you can tell what's happening by watching the players rather than the puck. But still, even with high Res pictures, nightmare to follow.
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    Things that you should love, but for some reason you can't

    Djent music. For those not in to metal, djent is basically modern progressive rock which has a strong emphasis on rhythmic complexity and the low, palm muted, chugging riff which it's named after. Now, I love heavy music, I love complex music, I love progressive rock and metal on the whole. I...
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    The Football Thread

    HITC Sevens and Tifo Football are the two best channels for "serious" content on YouTube. Alfie is fucking brilliant.
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    Let’s talk beards..who’s got one since pandemic started

    I've had quite a long beard for a few years now, at it's longest point it goes down to about my collar bone. Lucky for me really my hair has basically fully receded now. It also hides my double chin. I used to just get my beard and tidied at the barbers every 4 weeks or so but now I've had to...
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    Songs from major bands that you think seem like they should be one of their most famous singles, but they're not?

    Surf's Up by The Beach Boys. It's gotten a lot of acclaim since but compared to their biggest songs it barely gets any play time. It has an unusual structure, but nothing more so than their big psychedelic hits of the 60's. It has some of their most beautiful melodies and it's just an all around...
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    Stewart Lee...

    I watched the video Wes posted and it had a few clips. Looks like it'll be interesting and funny, but in a genuinely warm way rather than a typcial Stewart Lee kind of way.
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    The Acoustic Room

    Just come across this guy on YouTube, the guy is clearly a very skilled classical guitarist who's moved on to arrangements of popular songs with a steel stringed guitar. Particularly liked this one.
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    David Bowie Dead (2016)

    One of the greatest artists, in any medium, of the past 100 years. Constantly looking forward, trailblazing and reinventing himself. My favourite era is the Berlin Trilogy era (plus Station to Station), when he went a bit experimental, electronic and artsy, heavily influenced by German bands of...
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    What desktop computers have you owned? (Only nerds allowed - no bullies)

    I do want a PS5 and I intend to get one when they become widely available, I'm pretty invested in PC gaming though in general so I'll be after a new GPU when I can get one. From what I've seen Ryzen were traditionally the "workload" processors whilst the high end Intels are the best purely for...
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    What desktop computers have you owned? (Only nerds allowed - no bullies)

    I impulse bought a 4k monitor a couple of years ago so I've sort of psychologically fucked myself. The monitor is absolutely beautiful like but with a 1070 I can only run a handful of games made in the last 5 years or so in 4k and I don't feel like I'm making the most of it. Still, it was worth...
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    What desktop computers have you owned? (Only nerds allowed - no bullies)

    For years when I was a kid/teenager my dad used to build a new gaming rig every 3 or 4 years and I'd get his old one, which was still decent by the the time he built the new one. I've had the one I've currently got for a few years now and I've only really upgraded the GPU from a GTX970 to a...
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    The Acoustic Room

    Aye man, it's fascinating and tragic. He'd managed to put out 9 albums by the time he died. There was varying quality but his peak, between "Goodbye and Hello" and "Starsailor" is classic after classic IMO and you can really hear the progression in his music. "Goodbye and Hello" is relatively...
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    The Acoustic Room

    I wouldn't say I'm particularly a fan of acoustic music, as in it's not something I actively seek out or think "I fancy listening to some acoustic stuff". I think going to a load of open mic nights and hearing the same, unimaginative covers over and over have someone dampened my love of it...
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    Official CHB VR Thread

    A lot of good information there, cheers mate. I didn't know about the see through mode, I know noise cancelling earphones have a transparent mode using mics though so its sensible. My PC set up is good enough to support VR. It's literally just the room. Whilst my room with my PC isn't that...
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    Official CHB VR Thread

    Man, I do really want a VR headset. I mainly want it for racing games, it really takes it to the next level. Unfortunately I don't really have the room for a decent wheel set up right now. I am saving for a mortgage though so hopefully in the near future I'll be able to start. This looks epic...