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    Brit/Ire Andrew Selby back in gym. can he win world chamonship?

    Glad he is back with Tony Borg .
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    Brit/Ire Joe Calzaghe 3rd pro fight

    They got loads of great old footage on KOTV at the moment
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    Anthony Joshua first ever fight footage

    KOTV got some good shit on ther page latle
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    Brit/Ire Glenn mcorry on AJ loss

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    Brit/Ire How would Hatton done against Cotto, Gatti & Ward?

    I think beats all of them
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    Brit/Ire Welsh amateur boxing finals
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    Brit/Ire AJ great guy with these kids

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    Brit/Ire Danny Williams fighting again!!! Robin Read as commentator!!!

    Is williams addicted to boxing or is he realy badly need mony. Robin read good as comentator with the other welsh comentator .better than fight.