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  1. kf3

    michael franzese?

    one of the few guys to escape the mob life without being a grass, doing lots of positive stuff in the world atm, but i get the same stink i got from howard marks. once you a killer and liar you that imo. but i would understand if you like him, i kinda there.
  2. kf3

    everything i said about the ccp was true

    a couple of years back the silly people had a legit argument on their side, this abysmal fucking failure was the cornerstone of their wrong argument. without inate socialist beliefs it was always fucking stupid.
  3. kf3

    ancient worldwide writing?

    pause at 7:21. video says graphic symbols that mean something aint necessarily writing, wtf else is it?
  4. kf3

    motley crue - cool or lame?

    regardless of the mostly shit music, they were cool guys who were also lame as fuck, which one matters more?
  5. kf3

    one of the craziest murder plans ever?

    a functioning mentally challenged guy with limited boat skills and his mum went out fishing. the boat sank because he had drilled holes in it, he claims to have spent a week in the life raft before being saved but was in too good physical condition for that to be fully believed. plus someone...
  6. kf3

    the real history of..........................part 5

    haggis wanted random threads, the hidden history of random things is as random as it gets. when i was a teenager i rode bmx pretty seriously. when i was 30ish and decided motorbikes would kill me i picked it up again. i noticed that the history of bmx has been completely stolen by a bunch of...
  7. kf3

    good china thread

    i/we talk a lot of shit about certain aspects of china, but i only learned about that while i was enjoying good stuff. history: liu bei/yellow turban rebellion mongol v jin wars when ghengis was in west bodidharma confucius sport: pro basketball nfl traditional ones...
  8. kf3

    Hewey Long

    what you think? imo he's an intersting guy in the last century of politics. he was far from perfect, but at least economic policy wise he had some good ideas.
  9. kf3

    short films thread

    there's a bunch of them
  10. kf3

    Make Conspiracies Great Again

    fuck all this chemtrail retard bullshit, real and obvious stuff goes on and it's become unfashionable to talk about because of retards. private prison conspiracy : this is mainly a u.s issue but becoming increasingly prevelant in europe. basically you lock people up for anything and make...
  11. kf3

    mug or cunt?

    shaun attwood is the guest here, drug dealer and then prisoner in arizona, now school speaker, author and either cunt or mug. this bullshit is so fucking obvious, i don't recomend watching but the old guy is; a celt, a navy seal parachute doctor and an all around prison running badass. i...
  12. kf3

    fav male singers?

    just who has the best voice for your tastes. 5 in no real order. but the last two mostly made songs i don't really like so they are the last two. otis bugle sam cooke hank williams vybz kartel
  13. kf3

    Office Jobs

    took a temporary one for the off season. coulda spent the money but fuck that, a million degrees, a roomfull of braindead people and commercial radio. i was sweating in a tshirt and most everyone had a coat on, think it may actually have been hell. if you can stand it then i tip my hat to you.
  14. kf3

    democracy 2.0 and other alternative politics

    any fans? basically voters vote on issues and it is the governments job to implement it the best way. if i got to run a country i would want to some version of implement this. once i did that i would be fired because ability would matter, and more competent people would be employed to do the...
  15. kf3

    banned from forum?

    i won't get much sympathy here for this - but i just got banned from esb classic. i have no idea why, can someone who still uses it take a look at what i did, it must have been today because i logged in a few hours ago. long live chb. just a shame the classic forum doesn't realy exist.
  16. kf3

    top ten smart boxing careers?

    the general way we(as a group of fans/experts) evaluate fighters careers is a good way (some combination of resume and skills). But what about from a fighters point of view on his own career? then its money and health first, and resume/skills still important, but second(gotta be good enough to...
  17. kf3

    ernesto marcel vs marco antonio barera?

    126lb, 12 rounds, title fight
  18. kf3

    ismael laguna v.good or great?

    a somewhat forgotten LW champ, whats your opinion of him?
  19. kf3

    benny leonard v ross, canzoneiri and mclarnin

    @ 140 (or whatever makes sense 2 you) think he matches up quite well to canz, the others are close imo
  20. kf3

    do you call pac and biggie the best ever?

    biggie rocked, pac was mostly boring 2 me, they both seem overrated tho. anyone really think they are the 2 best that did it?