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    Looking for critique on my Youtube video(s)?

    I started my Youtube channel a while ago. At first I was really bad at editing, didn’t write good scripts and made quite a few mistakes with pronunciations. I am starting to get better, but I want to improve more. Please feel free to give me tips and tops, regarding editing, content, voice over...
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    What’s your favourite 'worst' trash talking attempt in boxing?

    The other day I was laughing to myself when I remembered two absolute gems. Chisora's laxative comment and Tyson's eating children. What are some of the best moments that you remember that have gone under the radar?
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    Is he the biggest showboater of all time?

    Is Prince Naseem the biggest showboater in boxing history? If not, who do you think is? To be honest, sometimes it is funny when showboating goes wrong. Therefore, I decided to make a video on this topic, where I discuss 10 instances when showboating went wrong. The last one the list is just...
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    Most heartbreaking moment ever?

    Muhammad Ali's retirement was a shock to me, his lasts two fights were hard to watch. A sad ending to a great career. Another instance has to be the death of Johnny Owen. What is the most heartbreaking moment in your opinion? Below is a video were I discuss the 10 most heartbreaking moments:
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    What is the weirdest conspiracy theory you ever heard about?

    My two picks would be CJ Ross's gambling debts and Muhammad Ali's Phantom Punch. What is the best one you heard / believe in? Below is a video where I discuss 10 of these instances:
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    Worst cheap shot ever?

    Mine has to be James Butler when he sucker punched Richard Grant. I have to say Mayweather vs Ortiz was a controversial one too. I made a video about this where I discuss 10 of these cheap shots, feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts!
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    Have you ever witnessed a bizarre ending to a fight on live television?

    Have you ever seen a bizarre finish to a boxing match? One of my favorites has to be when Tony Wilson's mother jumped in the ring to hit McCarthy with her shoe lol. What is your favorite moment? I also made a video about this, where I discuss 10 of these instances: Check it out if you want...
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    Who is the most evil boxer in boxing history?

    Who is the most evil boxer in boxing history in your opinion? I have created a list of the 10 most evil ones in my opinion: Check it out and let me know your thoughts!!