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  1. craigseventy

    Brit/Ire Fitzgerald suspended

    Sorry if already posted Not a great week for domestic abuse and boxing. No choice but to suspend I suppose after suspending billy
  2. craigseventy

    Do you know who this is?

  3. craigseventy

    You're attending a wedding, whats your outfit?

    post a pic. I have one coming up so looking to see what you guys would wear and take some Ideas.
  4. craigseventy

    Best horrors/slashers of the last ten years I might have missed

    Any suggestions?
  5. craigseventy

    Brit/Ire Is Joshua becoming more disliked?

    I'm talking mainly people who don't necessarily follow boxing too well. Facebook last year was all about how great he was, how he'd beat David haye and vlad etc. Ifl YouTube videos were all full of praise. Now it seems everyone wants to see him beaten. I don't have a preference for fighters...
  6. craigseventy

    Over ear Bluetooth headphones advice

    The brother wants some for his birthday, he isn't getting beats and I know nothing about headphones. Suggestions under £80?
  7. craigseventy

    iPad, ipad 2, iPad Air etc help

    Gf wants one for Christmas. She only really wants it to browse the Internet and watch Netflix. Am I best just buying the iPad mini first gen and saving £££s? She won't know any difference I don't think. I don't know much about it all really. She doesn't care about camera etc. if it's like the...
  8. craigseventy

    Anyone watching MR olympia?

    I'll save a few people the time It's for queers BB is gay Steroids.. So who's gonna watch it?
  9. craigseventy

    Check your iphone music folder, is the new U2 album there?

    Thought this was bullshit at first but apparently they've downloaded it to all iPhones via 'the cloud' I didn't even know I was connected to the cloud. Pretty odd they can do stuff like this. Can I unconnected from the cloud?
  10. craigseventy

    Thinking of going to new york from the uk for a holiday...

    Any brits been and can give me an idea of how long to go for, rough prices for accomadation, things to do and see and is it really worth it?
  11. craigseventy

    world cup bets

    What's everyone doing? We should all do a £10 bet see who comes out on top but all bets have to be posted. Horsepower have an offer on when you place £20 you get £5 every time they score, who would you guys choose
  12. craigseventy

    kindle fire hd users?

    What apps would you recommend? Youtube seems to not really work and there's no flash player? I've got the obvious Tv catchup IPlayer 4of Sonic games etc
  13. craigseventy

    Training Craigs training log

    Monday Weighted Pull-ups 4x6-8 Dumbbell Rows: 4x8-10 Facepulls: 4x10-12 Incline Curls: 3-4x8-10 Barbell Curls: 3-4x10-12 Tuesday Incline DB press 4x6-8 Flye/pecdec 4x10-12 DB shoulder press 2x8-10 Lateral raises 3-4x10-12 Skull crushers 3-4x8-10 Rope extensions...
  14. craigseventy

    New series to watch?

    Just looking for something to start watching, any suggestions? I've seen.. Breaking bad spartacus American horror story Californication (upto season 3) Dexter Game of thrones Obviously more I'll add them if anyone mentions them.
  15. craigseventy

    What's everyone going as for Halloween?

    I remember people posted decent ones before, one that comes to mind is leos (crean here) milk from the blur video milk and coffee or whatever it was called. I'm not sure what to go as this year. I reckon there will be a lot of walter whites.
  16. craigseventy

    is there anywhwere to watch the full mayweather fight?

    Didn't manage to wake up for the fight, can anyone help me out with a link to the full fight please? Also the Garcia vs Mattyhsee fight?
  17. craigseventy

    Could I get some help off you Guys..

    Alright guys, I know most will think its homo and you could be right but I made the physiqueoftheweek comp and It'd be good if you guys could help me out with a vote. All you have to do is click the like button attached to my name. I'm craig (number 9) Again I'm sorry for the homoness of this...
  18. craigseventy

    Bitches fight in mcdonalds ... obviously world star gets shouted

    Not sure how to embed but this ones a cracking fight.
  19. craigseventy

    Chb moby push up challenge, how long can you last?

    See how long you guys can last doing this... I lasted 1.40
  20. craigseventy

    Do 'ladies' exist anymore?

    Discuss I can't say I've ever met a lady. Only girls that fart burp and generally have no shame.