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  1. Sister Sledge

    RBR!!! Triller Card RBR

    First fight sucked. Some businessman against a reggaeton artist.. The Black Keyes sounded good.
  2. Sister Sledge

    RBR Broner vs Santiago card and Berchelt vsValdez

    Nobody started one, so here it goes. First up: Ryan Martin vs Robert Easter.
  3. Sister Sledge

    Canelo vs Smith RBR /SHOBOX RBR

    I figured I'd get this started.
  4. Sister Sledge

    Canelo vs Smith/SHOBOX EBR

    Figured I'd get this started because no one else wants to.
  5. Sister Sledge

    Shobox RBR.

    Since no one started one. First first is Matt Korobov vs Ronald Ellis. Ellis came in overweight. The bout was competitive, but Korobov suffered a leg injury in the 4th, and had to bow out.
  6. Sister Sledge


    Okay, since nobody made a thread. In the ring, Brian Howard vs Frank Sanchez
  7. Sister Sledge

    RBR!!! PBC Boxing Castano vs Lara

    First up Eduardo Ramirez vs Ryan de Gracia.
  8. Sister Sledge


    First up, Will Madeira vs Thomas Mattice.
  9. Sister Sledge

    Andrade va Akavov

    First up is Chris Algieri vs Daniel Gonzales.
  10. Sister Sledge

    Shobox Haney vs Ndongeni

    Nice little Saturday card. First up Willie Jake vs Frank Sachez. Sanchez is the A-side prospect from Cuba.
  11. Sister Sledge

    Brit/Ire Canelo vs Fielding

    The undercard is starting. First up is Yves Ullysse vs Maximilliano Bessara.
  12. Sister Sledge

    ESPN Boxing: Jenninga vs Dimitrenko RBR

    First up, Jesse Hart vs Mike Gavronski.
  13. Sister Sledge

    HBO Boxing: Mungia vs Smith RBR

    First up. Alberto Machado vs Raphael Mensah.
  14. Sister Sledge

    XXXTentacion Shot and Killed in Florida.

    So as. The kid was only 20. He was an idiot, though. BBC News menu XXXTentacion, controversial rapper, shot dead in Florida aged 20 The rapper's latest album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart US rapper XXXTentacion, who shot to fame with consecutive hit albums, has been killed...
  15. Sister Sledge

    HBO Boxing Ali vs Munguia rbr

    Right now, we got Rey Vargas vs Azat Hovhannisyan. It round 7, and Vargas seems to be slightly ahead.
  16. Sister Sledge

    Alexander vs Ortiz RBR

    First fight is Caleb Plant cs Porky Medina. Porky lived up to his name by coming in overweight.
  17. Sister Sledge

    Gay Brown Bear Sucks Cock in Croatia.....I can't make this up!

    Just read the article. It's hysterical A team of scientists has discovered the first evidence of brown bears regularly performing fellatio on each other. The pair of male brown bears (who were born in the wild, but were both orphaned as cubs and now live at a sanctuary in Croatia) were seen...
  18. Sister Sledge

    R.I.P. Tom Petty

    Too many big names are going down this year. RIP to a great one: Singer-songwriter Tom Petty, famed for his songs about love and Los Angeles, has suffered a cardiac arrest. Initial reports that he had died were walked back by Los Angeles police after about an hour. Petty was taken off of...
  19. Sister Sledge

    Did the GGG vs Canelo fight raids Danny Jacobs' stock?

    Okay. First of all, I thought Jacobs posed bigger troubles for Golovkin than Canelo, and GGG seemed to respect Jacobs' poer more that Canelos'. I gave the Jacobs/GGG fight to Danny by a point, but I thought GGG edged Alvarez by a point. GGG also seemed to have figured Canelo out by the mid...
  20. Sister Sledge

    Anybody ever used a Fleshlight or other male master actor?

    Alright. First things first. Women have diildo's and vibrators, and there are more women than we think that use them. Why can't men use them without being considered a pervert? As my wife and I are separating, I just don't want to date right now, but I still have that need to release...