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  1. ChampionsForever

    Charlie Murphy Dead

    Aged 57 of Leukaemia. Damn!
  2. ChampionsForever

    Sin City 2

    Is anybody looking forward to it? Any big fans of the first film? not really thread worthy but this is the most I've anticipated a film for as long as I can remember. I fucking loved the first film, every character and every story. Ive never read the graphic novels so don't any cunt spoil it...
  3. ChampionsForever

    UK fight start time? And box nation repeat??

    Sorry for the shit thread, does anybody know the start time for the fight? I just subscribed to boxnation on my ipad, and boxnation don't seem to be showing a repeat until tomorrow at 11:30pm? Is there no morning repeat? Fuck sakes a, I going to have to wake up at like 4am to watch this? Can...
  4. ChampionsForever

    Can somebody do a RBR of the Fury/Chisora fights?

    Ive got 20 quid on that lummox getting sparked tonight, Abell is as fragile as they come but 10-1 against old lantern jaw was worth a few quid. Can somebody post updates?
  5. ChampionsForever

    Evander Holyfeild is on celebrity big brother!!

    The UK version, fuck he must be broke to agree to this, they can't be paying him more than 500k, he was paid 30million for the Tyson rematch over 15 years ago. Jesus :patsch