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  1. Lunny

    The Kids who used to Stuck in the Thai Cave

    Is anyone keeping up with this? Crazy story. A couple of weeks ago a Thai kids football team and their 25 year old coach went missing in a cave system. Fast forward 9 days and they get found alive by 2 British divers. Trapped in the cave system due to rising waters. They ask for food and the...
  2. Lunny

    -------World Cup 2018 Thread-------

    Two weeks today and and the greatest tournament the world has ever known starts again! WHO YOU GOT? EXOTIC FANS: WALL CHART: PELE: HEADBUTT: TEARS: NIGIERIA SAUCY KIT: BALL: FANZ: SCOTCH PEOPLE LIKE @mandela : RUSSIANS: IT'S ALL HAPPENING AT RUSSIA 2018 @Roe...
  3. Lunny

    Your family's car when you were a kid

    Thought this would be interesting, particularly with older people and people from other countries (@gumbo2176 I'm looking at you). My ma and stepdad used to have one of these bad boys they'd ferry us around in: An excellent feature of this car was that in the boot there were two seats that...
  4. Lunny

    Trash TV shows you watch

    Me: Designated Survivor. It's objectively trash in my subjective opinion but I'm all on it What are yours?
  5. Lunny

    Food/drink that you've never tried that everybody else has?

    I know a fair few people with weird ones. @Wiirdo for example has never eaten a yoghurt. I know someone in work who has never tried honey or Guinness, both of which are very odd if you're a grown man in your 30s in the UK. What have you never tasted?
  6. Lunny

    Uber halts self driving car tests after first fatality Thoughts?
  7. Lunny

    Russians assassinating spies in the UK again? Litvinenko 2.0

    A man who is critically ill after being exposed to an unknown substance in Wiltshire is a Russian national convicted of spying for Britain, the BBC understands. Anyone following this? Chances he lives? Any guesses on the method? Or maybe he's just taken...
  8. Lunny

    Americans: Did this really happen?

    Serial pedophile who was sentenced to 300 years in prison is RELEASED on a legal technicality and will not even have to register as a sex offender
  9. Lunny

    Birmingham University lecturer jailed 32 years for being massive sadistic pedo

    Anyone read this yet? Incredibly fucked up, the guy has zero conscience, just wanted to make people's lives absolute hell. It's pretty entertaining seeing his video of when he was arrested.
  10. Lunny

    Shooting at Florida School

    Multiple casualties apparently... Are these still thread-worthy?
  11. Lunny

    Best type of nut to eat on its own. The definitive poll.

    What's your favourite nut to eat? It can come salted, roasted, honeyed, in a crunchy chilli case. The only rule is that if someone was to ask "what are you eating", you would say "nuts". Not "I'm eating a cake with nuts in", no "a salad with nuts in", none of that shit. What is your favourite...
  12. Lunny

    Brit/Ire Joe Joyce to fight Chisora on Haye-Bellew 2 undercard?

    Confirmed by Haye. So says a Facebook page I follow. Woah nelly. EDIT: Fake news. Just in talks/"close"/whatever
  13. Lunny

    Uk terrorist gets only 6 years for 5 murders. PC gone mad

    Along with a string of other horrendous crimes.
  14. Lunny

    Inside no.9

    Anyone watch this? It's an anthology of stand alone half hour episodes in its 4th series now. Written by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith (2 of the league of gentlemen). Some episodes are absolutely brilliant imo. Any of yous fuck with it?
  15. Lunny

    RIP Tinky Winky

    52 is no age to go
  16. Lunny

    American couple keep 13 kids in chains

    Anyone following this story? Some fucked up shit, only letting them shower once a year. I get the feeling that as more details come out it's only gonna get worse.
  17. Lunny

    Any of you watch "Betting on Zero"? Known anyone in a pyramid scheme?

    It's a good documentary about how Herbalife is an awful pyramid scheme (no shit...) and some big players betting for and against it. Had a nice little bit where Ackman explains the concept of betting against a stock by using the coin collecting analogy. Is there anything more pathetic and...
  18. Lunny

    Brit/Ire Joshua-Parker on for March 31st

    How do people see this going? Is there any word on the likely venue? Cheers all the best now
  19. Lunny

    Which country is most similar to your country, culturally?

    As a Brit it's got to be Ireland, whether they like it or not. If you want to go all @mandela on me and go for England instead then it's Wales. Australia and New Zealand have always seemed like our upside down brothers. They'd surely pick each other though? What say you? Americans, you...
  20. Lunny

    British explorer missing in Papua New Guinea Anyone else catch that documentary recently where he took the wheelchair bound BBC correspondent to see the birds of paradise? Seemed like a decent bloke. Weird his last tweet says "I may be gone for some time, don't come looking for me"