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  1. Lunny

    Liberal couple ride their bikes into isis territory to prove humans are kind...

    People do trips like this all the time. The guys calling them idiots are probably the same guys who think it's cool when other guys finish these journeys. Doubt you all even know where Tajikistan is or jack shit about it.
  2. Lunny

    Does it fascinate you that this planet was once dominated by gigantic dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures? The best dinosaur video
  3. Lunny

    British Man goes on "Racist" Rant at Polish Man for Drinking on the Metro

    What an absolute shower of cunts all round. British fella: Thinks he's the fucking fun police. Everyone drinks on trains and shit. All the cool kids. Get a grip you dweeb. Fucking preaching the laws of this country or get out. Head prefect cunt. Greasy Russian/Polish fella: Seems like an...
  4. Lunny

    The Football Thread

    Yeah they look solid. It would take a brave man to bet against a City, Liverpool 1-2 this season. I think Chelski will be better than many are thinking too. They looked pretty well organised, especially considering they've just got a new manager. Jorginho and Kante are gonna run that...
  5. Lunny

    The Football Thread

    I'd stuck a bet on it to be a draw too(cos what else do you do when you're up at 3am due to night shifts). Can't be mad at that though.
  6. Lunny

    The Football Thread

    Just caught a bit of MLS action there, 95th minute, 2-2 and Rooney does this: :lol: Ridiculous. "Don't worry lads, I got this"
  7. Lunny

    2018/19 Fantasy Football.

    :rofl Who is Dark Knights? Sané comes on in the 86th minute and just cost them 13 points from a Richalrison sub. Lovely.
  8. Lunny

    The Official 'I have something to say but it doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    What weight are we talking here?
  9. Lunny

    2018/19 Fantasy Football.

    My team is on fire. Wan Bissaka with the assist and clean sheet, Richarlison with the brace. Salah, b.silva, Firminho, Ederson, Walker and Arnautivic still to play. DEAR LORD Can't see how I won't finish no.1 in the world tbh
  10. Lunny

    Question for my esteemed Great Britain / English friends: Why is it that all of you......

    Because you chat to 14 year old Londoners
  11. Lunny

    Who is the greatest Renaissance Man of all time? A scholar, athlete and leader of men?

    Donald Trump. Businessman, TV star, top selling author, US president, no.1 all time Twitter troll.
  12. Lunny

    2018/19 Fantasy Football.

    Like the end of last season? Salah scores when he wants
  13. Lunny

    2018/19 Fantasy Football.

    If you don't have Salah you're gonna get rapes by the 50% of people that have him locked as Captain. Believe that
  14. Lunny

    Brit/Ire RUMOUR: James Helder is in Jail for 2 years.

    And I said I couldn't give a fuck what you call him/her/it either way. You're arguing with yourself
  15. Lunny

    The Official Trump Thread

    You'd be speaking German if it wasn't for us.
  16. Lunny

    Apple Take Down Alex Jones

    Hi I'm Alex Jones and we need to deregulate the internet to create a truly free market for Libertarianism wooo. Hi, I'm Alex Jones and these tech monopolies have too much power, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH :rofl Go fuck yourself, Alex, haven't you got some orphaned children to bully?
  17. Lunny

    Brit/Ire RUMOUR: James Helder is in Jail for 2 years.

    And what have I wrote that suggests that? You're the one who's come in here with all your identity politics all "wah you can't call them that waaaah" because you're triggered by the terminology I used. It's like treading on egg shells around you cunts. I on the other hand, couldn't give a...
  18. Lunny

    Scientists prove that first ever Brit was black

    This. No society stayed in complete stasis genetically. It's like when people talk about the Sentinelese being descended from the first men out of Africa, yeah that may be true but so are the rest of us in one way or another. Also like saying everyone is descended from Africans, yeah but not...
  19. Lunny

    The Official Trump Thread

    :lol: "All I did was an internet version of Watergate and asked the Russians to help...totally legal! What about the emails though? Fucking E-Nixon