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  1. DudeGuyMan

    Who were your favorite fighters who never really went that far?

    In my case, see avatar. Chris Arreola as it turns out was never really more than a B-tier heavyweight that the WBC loved because he was Mexican, but I always enjoyed the guy's fights and he always had something funny to say win or lose. I wish he'd gone farther just so I could have seen him...
  2. DudeGuyMan

    All of Britain must answer for what I saw today!

    British guy. Goes into the cafeteria at work. Fills a bowl with fried potato cubes. The kind you eat with eggs and sausage. Walks over to milk dispenser. Puts milk on them like they're fucking Cocoa Puffs. Eats with a spoon. What the fuck is this nonsense? Is this guy a fucking freak, exiled by...
  3. DudeGuyMan

    Anyone remember that "Space Man" song somebody posted here that their buddy made?

    That shit was catchy as fuck and I can't find it now because it got like 300 views or some shit and doesn't really seem to turn up in searches.
  4. DudeGuyMan

    The way the HBO team hugs nuts is seriously inhibiting my enjoyment of the fights these days.

    Like last night. I get that Roman Gonzalez is really awesome, but I'd love it if these assclowns would shut the fuck up and just let me watch it, instead of sitting there going "OH MY GOD SO AMAZING, NO ONE IS LIKE CHOCOLATITO" every time he wipes his nose or adjusts his cup. It has nothing to...
  5. DudeGuyMan

    Color schemes here make me puke. Magenta on grey? Srsly?

    Can we get a normal human color scheme back as an option here?
  6. DudeGuyMan

    (Video) Ted Cruz ate a fucking booger at the debate last night. Jesus that's disgusting. If Howard Dean can be run out of a primary for yelling "Yeeeaaarrrghh!" then I don't see why this should slip under the radar.
  7. DudeGuyMan

    Chavez Senior says Junior and Bogo are fat pieces of shit. Shamelessly stolen from Reddit, here's a translation that was posted.
  8. DudeGuyMan

    No rehydration clause for Canelo-Khan. Canelo is seriously going to KO Khan while weighing like 170. And then he'll pretend he can't fight GGG above 155. What a fucking vagina.
  9. DudeGuyMan

    Charles Martin's options for first IBF heavyweight defense: Brezeale, Arreola, Szpilka A motley crew indeed, but I'm trying to be positive. Brezeale? Undefeated and coming off a win over someone we've heard of. Not an especially bad fight for a green "champ" like Martin making his first...
  10. DudeGuyMan

    Charles Martin: Who the hell is this guy?

    I've barely heard this guy's name before and now suddenly he's holding a belt. He hasn't fought anyone that great on the way up, and even this step-up fight was aborted by injury to the opponent. Yet he seemed to be coming on when the fight ended, and he's a big guy with a lot of knockouts, so...
  11. DudeGuyMan

    The Optimistic But Not Retarded Anthony Joshua Thread

    So that Dillian Whyte fight. Sure, if Anthony Joshua never gets any better than he is here in his fifteenth pro fight, then he's going to have problems in the future. However you have to be incredibly uncharitable to assume that such will be the case. I mean look, they could easily run Joshua up...
  12. DudeGuyMan

    Yusuf Mack gay threesome sex tape (No porn in link)

    Link to a news story on the topic:
  13. DudeGuyMan

    Jorge Kahwagi, 12-0 with 12 knockouts, future ATG. You've all just been put on notice. The power, the muscles, the handspeed. Is there anyone who can stop this guy?
  14. DudeGuyMan

    Magic portal opens up, do you jump inside?

    Right now wherever you are, at home, at work, in front of people, I don't care, a big glowing warp zone portal opens up in mid-air, and an ethereal voice bids you "Please (your name), you're the Chosen One and our only hope!" That's it, that's all you know. Do you jump into the portal or not...
  15. DudeGuyMan

    Wladimir Klitschko has mastered Tyson Fury's most powerful technique!
  16. DudeGuyMan

    Wilder-Fury: Let's not waste any time getting the hype started!

    Wilder is openly talking about this fight, Fury has every incentive to try and grab the WBC belt before negotiating with Wladimir, the shit-talking will be EPIC, and a nice heated US/UK rivalry between undefeated heavyweights is just what this forum needs instead of endless welter/middle...
  17. DudeGuyMan

    35% of British adults SLEEP WITH TEDDY BEARS! The best part? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
  18. DudeGuyMan

    Pathetic emasculated UK bans spanking, "verbal abuse", other acts in porn. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Over here we have a large politically powerful bloc of Evangelical Christians and even we haven't managed to let anyone ruin porn yet. Stand up for...
  19. DudeGuyMan

    Nerdfight of the Century: Alucard versus John Marston (plus superweapons)

    Okay fags, listen up. I know there's gotta be at least one other nerd on here who knows enough about enough geek shit to have an opinion here, and I'm not going to rest until I find him. So here's the matchup: Alucard, from Hellsing Ultimate *** Versus *** John Marston, from Red...
  20. DudeGuyMan

    So I just got Showtime and this was my first card.

    I've always been an HBO man historically, but just the other day the cable company decided to offer Showtime for like two bucks for a limited time, so I figured I'd go for it. Thus the Brook/Porter card was the first boxing event of theirs I've been able to catch since like 2002. Gotta say...