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  1. DaveT

    Discussion Would You Welcome Another Prizefighter Tournament?

    Heavies are the best. They tire after the 1st fight and then it’s carnage... or so my rose tinted glasses remind me.
  2. DaveT

    Pre-Fight Give a Donkey a carrot

    Smith was quality there. Even though he is annoying as hell at times, he is very highly respected by fighters in the sport. You can see that when he managed to calm Del down.
  3. DaveT

    Pre-Fight Give a Donkey a carrot

    Agree. I don't really go out much nowadays but I've seen big cunts starting on guys who blatantly have no chance who refuse to back down and lose face. They usually end up looking even more stupid when they're chewing the pavement. I'm 35 now and have developed the ability to not just fly off...
  4. DaveT

    Joshua Vs Povetkin - Sept 22nd Wembley Stadium.

    Must admit, the stadium fights are starting to wear a bit thin. I went to Wembley for the Froch-Groves fight and will never go to another Stadium fight unless I go for the expensive tickets. With regards to the fight itself, it really is AJ's to lose. If he's sharp (looks trimmer), fights the...
  5. DaveT

    Discussion Is Hearn Going To Be A Complete Knob And Make Whyte Chisora On 22/12?

    Hearn will be a dickhead and make this fight for the same night... It's going to happen. That said, Warren would likely have known that Eddie was looking to put on a PPV around this date yet still decided to get in there 1st and make Frampton vs Warrington regardless. Surely Frank knows that you...
  6. DaveT

    Hall of Fame Official Mervyn 'The' Gee Thread

    John, you’re the man and all that but please learn how to use “” properly!!!
  7. DaveT

    Pre-Fight Callum Smith Vs George Groves - on Friday 28 September or is it?? Of course it is...

    I’m not on social media. I’ve just had a quick google and can’t see many people saying it won’t go ahead. Are you sure you haven’t got that wrong?
  8. DaveT

    Warrington - Frampton on - in Manchester......

    Leeds fans running riot in Manchester just before Christmas?!
  9. DaveT

    Hearn signs Usyk!

    So are we saying Bellew 2nd fight, Joshua 3rd fight? One of those two is the target for fight 3...
  10. DaveT

    Things that put you off a woman

    Inverted two middle top front teeth. Kirsten Dunst style.
  11. DaveT


    There were 2 or 3 posters who it could/would have been. Most people know who as well. Rob was a bellend who, even without meaning to, derailed every thread he posted in by being an obnoxious arsehole on here. I’m sure in “real life” he’s a decent guy but on here he was/is (he’s blatantly...
  12. DaveT

    Hall of Fame Official Mervyn 'The' Gee Thread

    The only way it’s Belfast or Leeds is if there are rematch clauses involved. But either venue there will be complete carnage from the fans. Problem is will it sell any other massive venue elsewhere out? Manchester should be ruled out due to the Leeds fans thing but will it sell out, say, O2 in...
  13. DaveT

    Hall of Fame Official Mervyn 'The' Gee Thread

    Hi mate. To be honest re Fury vs Wilder, I think that the longer we go without an announcement the less chance there is of it happening next. Not sure of any reasons but maybe somebody in Tyson’s camp has said “you looked good against Pianeta but fight like that against Wilder and you’re done”...
  14. DaveT

    Sky Sports Saturday 8th Sept Khan Vargas Card Predictions.

    He’s trying to leave Khan with nowhere to go but Brook. It’s the only reason he signed him and he can start to see Amir potentially having his 3rd fight against somebody other than Brook.
  15. DaveT

    Sky Sports Saturday 8th Sept Khan Vargas Card Predictions.

    Whatever people say about Khan, he’s always a good watch win lose or draw. If he boxes sensibly, he wins mid-late rounds. If he boxes like Khan, he can win or get stopped at any time.
  16. DaveT

    Post Fight Will Junior Saba Fight this Saturday

    Hope so but wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a last second change of plan.
  17. DaveT

    Forum Wars

    Not sure if this has been posted but it's a massive shame this has happened. Don't know the ins and outs but surely some common sense on both sides, a bit of give and take, would have been best to stop this from happening?! What will happen is there will be two forums side by side, neither...
  18. DaveT

    Forum Wars

    It’s a tough one because a lot of the posters I like and used to chat with more seem to be over there. But don’t really agree with how they seem to have gone about it and that they have split everything which is a massive pain in the arse. Plus I didn’t get an invite...
  19. DaveT

    Amazon Documentary All or Nothing Is Released.

    I watched the American Football ones and am about to watch the Rugby one but not really bothered about City.