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  1. Ronsonfly

    Gillette. Yay or Nay?

    Last time I tried that my incisors loosened. It must have been an iceberg hair, two inches showing and twenty inches buried deep, with a dozen turns around her spine like a conger eel's tail around the mast of a wrecked galleon.
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  3. Ronsonfly

    Susanna Hoffs v Liz Hurley

    And some faggot needs banning, fucking coming in here and tipping a 50/50 in Hurley's favour. Hurley is way younger but is starting to look rough. Simply no comparison between the two now.
  4. Ronsonfly

    Susanna Hoffs is 60 this week.

    I have to say I prefer the fuller face look from her younger days. She's got the look of a vegetarian these days. She needs to miss some gym days and scarf a few cheeseburgers.
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    True, true but it was no marble racing. :lol:
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  7. Ronsonfly

    Hey CHB. Did I handle this correctly?

    Funnily enough, Comic Book Guy, we didn't need the t-shirt to tell us you are playing the Star Trek theme. How about you do fucking "Obi-wan's Theme" in your Jedi robe next time?
  8. Ronsonfly

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    Even autists can get in on the act of hating George Lucas for being a cunt. That's all you have to get. :lol:
  9. Ronsonfly

    Divorce.. have you done it? Do you think you're likely to someday?

    :rofl I enjoyed it as much as I should when I was told it. She really was a cunt, spoiled all her life and had a nasty, entitled, condescending attitude. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving case.
  10. Ronsonfly

    Sit Down Now With Your "Partner"

    Not just one set. it's BOTH SETS OF PARENTS.
  11. Ronsonfly

    Career change

    Getting ideas above your station, Orificer. :lol:
  12. Ronsonfly

    Career change

    Or what, PCSO Boy? You gonna give me a Fixed Penalty?
  13. Ronsonfly

    Career change

    So you're a copper? A traffic warden? Basically. That's what they do.
  14. Ronsonfly

    Career change

    What is the compliance you are talking about? What field? What does it involve? :think
  15. Ronsonfly

    Divorce.. have you done it? Do you think you're likely to someday?

    Whilst that's true to a point the statistics don't lie. Most people can get vehicular insurance but trying getting divorce insurance. The actuaries would shit a brick and the monthly insurance premiums would be higher than what you'd pay an ex-wife. :lol: Divorce rates are around 50% but it's...
  16. Ronsonfly

    Divorce.. have you done it? Do you think you're likely to someday?

    :rofl That's like reading the lyrics of one of Homer Simpson's Sadgasm songs from the grunge episode. I'd agree but sometimes there can be some real surprises. My niece's sister in law (fuck knows what that makes her to me but she's a cunt, so, it matters not :lol:) had been going out with a...
  17. Ronsonfly

    '50s short film about homosexuality

    They should tar and feather the little cunt and leave it chained to a lamppost as an example to other freaks and their degenerate parents. The parents should be hanged from the same lamppost and the carcasses dumped at freaky boy's feet for the foxes and crows to dispose of.
  18. Ronsonfly

    Woman in coma for 10 yrs gives birth

    Did you just assume cis gender?
  19. Ronsonfly

    Anyone else want to break up the 2 party system?

    It's an interesting idea about where it's headed. There's a very switched on ex-politician in England called Michael Portillo who has been making a point recently that I - and I suspect many others - hadn't much dwelt on. That is, democracy is a pretty nascent thing in the world. As he puts it...
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