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  1. Uncle Rico

    Fury confirms he did donate entire £7m Wilder purse to charity and promises more from the rematch

    As always, you just have to take what Tyson says with a pinch of salt. Which means he probably donated a few grand.
  2. Uncle Rico

    Tyan Booth is completely mental

    I kinda' agree that the general view is: obesity = very unattractive. And I bet even those who try to say there's nothing wrong with it, will deep down admit they'd much rather be slimmer/healthier. But that shouldn't give trolls like Tyan Booth the license to be as disrespectful as that. He...
  3. Uncle Rico

    Tyan Booth is completely mental

    Not gonna' lie, the bit about Kugan's bent leg had me in stitches :lol:
  4. Uncle Rico

    "There is a collusion plot to keep Joshua out" - Eddie Hearn

    Eddie’s slowly learning that AJ in fact isn’t the centre of the heavyweight universe. Fury, when he beats Wilder (hopefully), will absolutely have the right to demand 50-50.
  5. Uncle Rico

    Pacquiao vs Broner/Jack vs Browne RBR!

    All things considered -- 40 years old, way past his best, out-of-ring commitments -- that was an impressive display. Naturally, Broner's style -- a very negative counter-puncher -- isn't suited for Pac, but he still managed to dominate and have a few good moments. He's got nothing left to...
  6. Uncle Rico

    Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner January 19

    My bad. I got into the habit of seeing threads of one topic merged into one master thread. This was the first topic I spotted and assumed the RBR would be in that.
  7. Uncle Rico

    Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner January 19

    Damn. I know Pacman isn't the face of boxing anymore. But he's still an all-time great that's outclassing world-class opponents. And this was his return to the States in a PPV matchup -- in which he performed very well -- and not a single comment on here about the result? This forum is dead.
  8. Uncle Rico

    “If Khan doesn’t fight Brook, people in this country will always say: ‘You ducked Kell Brook.’ - Hearn

    There are dozens of strong reasons why Khan hasn't fought Brook (or will ever).... - keeps pursuing better opportunities - resentment towards British fans - resentment towards Brook / Matchroom - risks / consequences of losing ....and so on. Khan's critics and Matchroom advocates will...
  9. Uncle Rico

    Frank Warren - Fury bigger draw than Joshua

    I agree that his stock has taken a hit in 2018 - largely due to Fury's return. But he has a clever promoter with a powerful TV network which, combined, seems to have captured the hardcore-casuals market - who in turn have a greater influence on the opinions of the normal casuals. These zombies...
  10. Uncle Rico

    Frank Warren - Fury bigger draw than Joshua

    Not sure if he is a bigger draw than Joshua. But I don’t blame Frank one bit for trying to claim he is. Post-Wlad, Fury didn’t get the attention / respect he deserved. But with the Wilder chapter he really has managed to create a formidable profile for himself. I wouldn’t argue with anyone if...
  11. Uncle Rico

    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    From watching the first Halloween, I got the impression it was just trying to be a slasher film. A man going on a brief killing spree. And nothing more. That worked fine then, and so I thought it worked fine now (if that's all people want from a Halloween movie). I don't think the characters...
  12. Uncle Rico

    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Ya' know, that's probably one of the reasons why I could enjoy it. Those characters that I also found annoying, were killed in a very satisfying manner. And for me, I didn't find the movie trying to be too clever with the plot / characters. It remained almost as simple as the first.
  13. Uncle Rico

    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Halloween (2018) Needed to watch the first one (1978) before sticking this on. I understand Halloween 1978 may have been unique/scary for its time, but I found it incredibly boring and frustrating to watch. This one, however, is free from most of those frustrations. The characters aren't nearly...
  14. Uncle Rico

    Gorilla Productions - Top 50 Knockouts of 2018

    Saw this earlier. Glad they didn’t get caught up in the hysteria of Whyte KO’ing Chisora, to place it above Inoue. Because Inoue’s was a thing of beauty. Will never get tired of watching that.
  15. Uncle Rico

    I don't even play video games because I don't like losing.

    They’ve quickly made themselves amongst the most unlikeable people in boxing. And their performances (over the weekend) and that presser give critics even more fuel. Would love it if Jacobs gets his hands on the other one now.
  16. Uncle Rico

    Can Wilder beat Fury in a Rematch?

    Fury avoiding Wilder for 90% of the fight wasn’t entirely down to Fury’s defensive skills (which are exaggerated, by the way). It was down to Wilder’s foolish assumption he could box with Fury and get by with just one-two’s. If you lower your punch out-put, the easier it is for any defensive...
  17. Uncle Rico

    Miller and I should sit down like businessmen and negotiate with dignity and respect - AJ

    Miller is absolutely terrible. Just a 300 pound punch bag. AJ will take so much pleasure in punching him all night.
  18. Uncle Rico

    What’s happened to this forum? Why’s is it dead?

    Yeah, I was thinking that the other day. Facebook, Twitter and maybe even Instagram is where the news hits first. And the immediate discussions / opinions will follow on there. Discussion forums have probably dropped on the pecking order.
  19. Uncle Rico

    ‘I’m running the game. Where did this lineal title just pop out of the woodwork from?' - AJ

    Don’t disagree often with AJ (probably because he rarely speaks and I rarely bother listening to him when he does), but he’s talking crap here. Sure, him picking up the titles the only possible way he could at that time, shouldn’t be ignored by everyone. He’s right in that sense. But likewise...
  20. Uncle Rico

    Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook

    If you compare Khan’s run at 140 to Kell’s at 147, Khan by far holds the more impressive legacy. Shit, even the wins during his brief stint at 147 (most of which have been tune-up fights) are miles better than Brook’s wins outside of Porter. Kell neglected to chase the best at welterweight (to...