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  1. Jay

    RBR!!! RBR - Allen Vs Browne, Khan Vs Crawford, Garcia Vs Granados, Chisora, Courtenay, Cordina, Benn and so much more...

    My highly legal stream is showing a Dazn logo for the last 10 minutes.. is this right?
  2. Jay

    The Football Thread

    Nah, the rule is retarded, even if it'd been role reversal, I'd have been glad you were out - however the rule is still stupid.
  3. Jay

    The Football Thread

    Only because Eriksen played the ball - I'm not debating if it's against the rules, that's clear. I just think that the rule as stands is retarded. I'm sure Gerrard gave away several goals from stupid backpasses in that manner which were fine.
  4. Jay

    The Football Thread

    That is possibly the most stupid rule I've ever seen. Eriksen played the ball, it's not Aguero's problem at that stage. Might be in the official rules, but that's absolutely moronic.
  5. Jay

    The Football Thread

    Surely it's a backpass? How is it offside? I don't get it.
  6. Jay

    SNV's Sanctioned GTMSBT: An Open Filmic Warrior Competition: Not @Meast, aka "Jay" Gets Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)!

    That second pic looks like the flag is on a tv where it's zooming in/out. :conf