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  1. tomj

    Can anyone help me track an ip address from twitter?

    Getting unnecessary shit on twitter from someone.. Need to find out who it is so my mrs doesn't cut my testicles off. I'd love it if someone knew how to do it.
  2. tomj


    Photo taken of these 3 with the caption "Talking business" on twitter... Perhaps Carl's next fight will be even bigger than Kessler?:hey
  3. tomj

    Pound for Pound Top. 10

    After the defeat handed to Pacquiao last night, does he move far from the top half of most of your P4P lists? Mine looks like this #1 Sergio Martinez (due to Floyd in jail only) #2 Juan Manuel Marquez. #3 Manny Pacquiao #4 Tim Bradley #5 Nonito Donaire #6 Andre Ward #7 Chad Dawson...
  4. tomj


    Good follow on Twitter.. He also tells CheckHookForum that "We know shit about boxing" @checkhookforum not just cause u agree with me but i can tell u know ur boxing second time u spoke sense
  5. tomj

    The Betting Thread

    French Derby day today! I'm going for Ektihaam e/w Only beaten half a length by Bonfire and in this company Bonfire would be hot favourite