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  1. BigBone

    20 years later: rate THE MATRIX (1999)

    First of all: fuck me (no homo), it's been 20 years since Neo bullet timed through Agent Smith and random SWAT ppl. 20 fucking years! Still, I love the movie almost as much as I did when it stunned me as a teenager... 2 decades ago. Some well mixed philosophy and depth, religious symbolism...
  2. BigBone

    GLASS movie trailer (Unbreakable/Split scrossover with James McAvoy, Bruce Willis & Sam Jackson

    Looks both quite interesting a something set up for disaster. What will Mr. Shyamalan come up with this time around? P.S. Sarah Paulson ❤❤❤
  3. BigBone

    It's f'n hot!!!

    Hate this shit. Not sure of alcohol helps, but...
  4. BigBone

    Best TV intro / theme ever?

    Well? Let me drop in one:
  5. BigBone

    ~ THE EXPANSE - the great sci-fi novel and TV series discussion thread - spoiler tags, no worries ~

    WHAT IS THE EXPANSE? It's a world building, realistic space opera oft compared to Game of Thrones, since it has several factions, fewer but more fleshed out characters, political intrigue, backstabbing, bloody action, tragedy, personal journeys, conspiracy plus a ot of science. Not boring-ass...
  6. BigBone

    Who here watched less than 10 full boxing matches so for this year?

    This might be a boxing forum (but really this is @Jay's attempt to stay relevant in life and even that is a gift by @Lunny), but how many of the lounge lads are actually here for something different? How many boxing matches have you seen this year so far?
  7. BigBone

    Canelo vs. GGG PPV numbers post-Floyd vs. McGregor

    So how much will the UFC-Boxing circus show on August 26 affect the pro-Latino PPV market for the Mexican Independence Day Canelo-GGG showdown 3 weeks later?
  8. BigBone

    Educate me on Gervonta, Spence Jr. and David Benavidez

    Who's America's next boxing generation is doing in terms of elite prospects? Which of these three can go farthest and who's bubble gonna burst first? It seems like they are genuine top contenders, two of them at a very early age, but being pushed nonetheless. I guess they learnt something from...
  9. BigBone

    Better timing? GGG or Better Call Saul?

    This seems to be an interesting topic, if ur up to it. So who has the better timing overall?
  10. BigBone

    Canelo by Robbery

    Take Ward-Kovalev for example, the B-side nowadays isn't being treated too well at the scoring table. One thing Canelo proved this past Saturday is that he can bring his speed and skill set to full 160 without sacrifices, and since neither he nor GGG went crazy for a knockout recently, expect...
  11. BigBone

    Great TV shows / movies with bad acting

    Sometimes everything just clicks and a movie or television show that has no right to become a classic, a cult classic or just something that's appreciated, somehow pulls it off, despite the obvious lack of true talent. The subject here is not necessarily miscast of characters but naming any sort...
  12. BigBone

    James Caan vs. Roy Scheider vs. Harvey Keitel vs. John Cazale vs. Gene Hackman - who wins?

    Who of these (not just) 70s icons wins this acting/charisma/swag/depth showdown? @Pedderrs @Penis Face Cat Funeral @Arka @Lunny @2manyusernames @nufc_jay @Joe @Tko6 @McGrain @Boggle @Matty lll @Ramon Rojo @Lester1583 @DomB @PityTheFool @tezel8764 @Carles @Setanta @thehook13 @Baldilocks...
  13. BigBone

    Check out this all-female John Wick trailer (Atomic Blond)

    That's actually freaking promising. :lol: Could be the best year for action movies in a long time.
  14. BigBone

    Most under-appreciated film of the 1960's

    @Boggle's fine 70s thread is doing so well I thought we could do a 60s as well. The past dozen years opened the 60s as an absolutely marvelous movie decade for me. Sure, the classics are not forgotten, Virgina Woolf, Cool Hand Luke, the spaghetti, Strangelove, Psycho, Lawrence, plus you may have...
  15. BigBone

    Greatest Movie Trailers of All Time

    Wan't a thread like this, anyway, can you better this?
  16. BigBone

    The JAPANESE vs. GHANAIAN vs. POLISH Crazy Movie Poster Thread

    Round One: Commando. In the red corner: Japan In the blue corner: Ghana
  17. BigBone

    ~ Twin Peaks is BACK! ~

    Exciting news, Twin Peaks (2017) is only a couple of weeks away! ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Release Date Announced For David Lynch’s Iconic Series Lynch directed all 18 episodes of the revival, which finally landed an official Showtime It’s been more than two years since the “Twin Peaks” revival...
  18. BigBone

    Would you rather watch a 100 hours of fresh TV or a 100 hours of fresh cinema?

    Say free of charge and you have the free time. Would you rather spend 100 hours watching films coming out this year and the past 2-3, or would you spend that time watching fresh shows and series 2-3 years back at most?
  19. BigBone

    Rate the Last BEER You Drank

    Brewdog Hardcore IPA 9,2% ABV 9/10
  20. BigBone

    It's an inanimate fuckin object