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  1. Wansen

    Ishe Smith's ex-wife murdered

    Brutal. Poor Ishe' and their children. RIP
  2. Wansen

    The American Community Survey (and your mandatory compliance with it)

    The American Community Survey: [defined by Wikipedia], "(ACS) is an ongoing statistical survey by the U.S. Census Bureau. It regularly gathers information previously contained only in the long form of the decennial census, such as ancestry, educational attainment, income, language proficiency...
  3. Wansen

    Caparello weigh-in pics Hope he's not overdone it dropping to (a light) super middleweight, he looks boiled down a bit to say the least.
  4. Wansen

    Former World Lt.Heavyweight Champ Harold Johnson passes.

    Called "the closest thing to perfection in boxing" by the late Teddy Brenner. RIP Champ.