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  1. uraharakisuke

    Who is your favourite serial killer?

    Lets go through the list of infamous mass killers, rapists, genocidal dictators and real jerks. Luis Garavito Kill count - 138 This Colombian bastard named "the Beast" targeted children. Apparently he put a gun to the kid's head and then asked a passerby whether they wanted to switch with...
  2. uraharakisuke

    Would you rather: fight a snake with bear hands...

    ..or fight a bear with snake hands? vs Welcome to CHB.
  3. uraharakisuke

    F1 2019 (+Fantasy League)-New Season

    Now that testing is done we have a clearer view of the new season. Could have posted this in the All purpose motorsport thread but would probably get in the way. Thought I'd make a CHB fantasy league on this website; easy to sign up and make your selections. The rules are...
  4. uraharakisuke

    Selling coins

    Anyone here know a good place to sell or even value coins? I have a 2012 Gibraltar Silver Five Pound coin and I can't seem to get a price on it (knowing my luck I'll get less than a fiver for it). Got some juicy Ingots for sale too. (Commemorative) Any help would be appreciated.
  5. uraharakisuke

    Where do you talk about Movies?

    After IMDB's message boards closed where do you discuss films other than here? Today I found and I like the layout, simple and effective. I will now make an account and begin posting on various boards, offering my opinions and advice. Thoughts? @Pedderrs @V-2...
  6. uraharakisuke

    Wu-Tang vs The Beatles

    Post mix albums/songs. This is my favourite;
  7. uraharakisuke

    The Kingkiller Chronicles (spoilers)

    mandela and whoever else has read them and recommended them (aliwasthegreatest? can't remember) Finished the 2nd book and Rothfuss has jumped ahead of George RR Martin in modern day fantasy writers. I don't know anyone in real life who has read these books so I'm hoping you lads can discuss...
  8. uraharakisuke

    Dallas Storm Clouds

    Saw this on LiveLeak, pretty cool.
  9. uraharakisuke

    Girl Quits Job Using 33 White Board Messages...

    ...Her Boss Comes Back And Nails Her. Job Done. :gunner Edit: Confirmed to be fake, unfortunately.
  10. uraharakisuke

    What speed do you read? Test I got 496 words per minute. 98% faster than the national average. :bbb
  11. uraharakisuke

    It's midnight and my fence just got blown down

    The bloody storm has opened my tranquil garden to the grimy alley-way full of scoundrels and vagrants. Don't want the drunken louts wandering in when I'm sleeping...FFS. Christmas is shit.
  12. uraharakisuke

    PC Horror game Slender (free-to-play I think)

    Never played this game but this guy's pretty funny (he did an Amnesia play-through too) (I imagine playing it would be pretty freaky)